Has Clay's song Live, Laugh, Love inspired you to live your life differently? Has it inspired you to give back, or give more or just become a little bit more willing to help others? Share your story of how you Live, Laugh and Love.

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You made me discover that MS will not run my life.
It all started as my husband and I decided that we would go Christmas shopping. Well, i woke up that Saturday morning, and my husband asked "Baby, are you okay?" and as I started to talk, I felt a slurring in my voice, and also noticed that i couldn't walk well and couldn't move my left arm. But I thought nothing of it, It was as if I had slept wrong and my left side of my body was still asleep. Even with all of this wrong with me, I talked my husband into continuing to shop for Christmas. While we were in a toy store, my mother called and I explained to her what was going on and she told me to go to the nearest E.R. So I followed her advice and went and was seen by a doctor, and he just wrote it off as Bell's Palsy, and told me to follow up with my family doctor. So, a few days passed and the symptoms still persisted, and I went to my family doctor and he suspected MS. After months of testing, and all of the picking and proding, They did discover that it was in fact MS. After being about 6 months, I heard on a radio station that Clay also had MS. It just brightened my day to hear that because he is my all time favorite country singer, and now I know that even famous people are just like everyone else.
- Angel
The Two Worst Weekends of my Life
The first was Thanksgiving weekend. My dad had a large stroke November 28, 2010. It turned out that the stroke was actually four strokes at one time. He was in the hospital six days then he was transferred to rehab. He was in rehab for about three weeks when his sodium got dangerously low. It was so low that we nearly lost him. I love my dad dearly and thinking back it scares me to know how close we came to losing him. Your songs She Won't Be Lonely Long and Where Do I Go From Here have helped me cope with this life changing experiece that my dad and our whole family has gone through!
- Anna
You made my daughter smile
Clay We just saw you at the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo Praid this morning when you Came up to my daughter and asked her for one of her flags to give to your son She was so Happy and as a parent i was too. My daughter loves Country music and she loves singing and she was so Excited to see you. And To see her smile after being sick for a week made my Heart Melt. Thank you for Putting a smile back on my little girls face again. You are amazing singer that i love listening to. Thank you stacie
- Stacie
Country Music
When my oldest daughter was in high school she asked for a Clay Walker cassette tape for Christmas. I never listened to country music until we started listening to her cassette. After I listened to it several times I started listening to KILT in Houston and haven't stopped listeneing to country music since. Now I listen to B93 in Grand Rapids. It would be really great if Clay would have a concert in my area.
- Marilyn
My Love
I met my husband in Jan 1999, it was instant chemistry and we fell in love. He always was playing Clay Walker's CD'S and he new every word. Believe it or not I had not heard of him at the time. It took just one CD TO fall in love with his music. My husband new this and gave me the Greatest Hits CD. It seemed as if every date Clay was with us and each song seem to be a message to us. We are always looking forward to his next hit and next CD to buy. My husband got the privilege before we met to attend one of Clay Walkers concerts and says it has been the best concert he has ever seen. We keep looking and never seem to find a concert close enough that we can attend. We live in good old Indiana and he doesn't seem to come this way anymore. I will keep looking for a concert to come this way so we can both share this special moment together. One of my favorite songs is Ordinary People and Your Beginning to Get to Me. I listen to a lot of musicians but never has anyone else's songs touch our lives like Clay's. He truly is a great artist and we are both just ordinary people. Lois
- Lois Taylor-Wolfe
U touch my life
Just got through watching Clay's story on TV. I just want him to know what his story meant to me,I know I can't talk to him in person though I would like to . I have been very low spirtual but just listening to his story has moved in my life. I just want him to know that I'am praying for him also maybe someday I will get to meet him if not here in heaven. Keep singing Clay you and Jesus got it all worked out.
- Keith Hill
I was going thru a bad divorce, after 12 years in an abusive marrige, physicaly/mentally. I had a 8 year old daughter, and the 1st time in 12 years I could actually go and do something, I took my daughter and we went to see You and Neal McCoy at the spring fair in OKC, I loved your voice from the 1st time I heard it. It was after the concert while standing in line to let my little girl ride some rides, I meet the most wonderful man ever. He had just been divorced a few months and we just kind of hit it off although both of us were still realing from the hurt we had gone thru, that was in 1995, we then went to see you on 2/14/1998 at the Lloyd Noble Center, and on Feb 10 2001 we were married, but your music was played at our little bitty wedding, I have every cd you've made. We just saw you on 1/22/11 at Cowboys. So needless to say you are the reason we meet and once again started to heal and learn to trust and love again. We have now been together 16 years next month and I still get goose bumps when listening too your music. You brougth an amazing man into my life, and 2 wonderful step childern, that I consider my own. We are raising a 6 year old granddaughter and she can sing all your songs, she really didn't have a choice but too listen too you. I alwasy hoped that I would have a real wedding and play This Woman This Man, and Hypmotize The Moon, as this is the song my husband always plays for me. I think you are amazing and such a down to earth guy, and I thank your for all the beautiful music you have given us. Fan for life ! Debbie
- Debbie
Making memories of a lifetime!!!
A group of girls from a small Central Valley community bonded over country music...one was a Doug Supernaw, one a George Strait and one a Clay Walker fan. We would go to concerts with each other starting back in High School as soon as we could drive ourselves to the venue no matter how near or far. We brought others into the madness with us..sisters, cousins, friends, college roommates, anyone that was willng to go. We made memories at every single one and are still doing it whenever we can (which is at least once a year and more if we can make it work). Clay is the one that we went to most. We have paid for backstage passes, snuck into concerts at fairgrounds, flown to Vegas for three days of Clay, shown up at a concert at the Pebble Beach ProAm without tickets hoping they would sell us some at the door only to make friends in line who happened to have extra tickets and gave them to us, and oh so many more stories...Erica and Erica even found their way into a sound check once... One of those dear friends passed away from cancer this January. Her last concert was a Clay Walker concert at the Merced County Fair. In true fan style, she made her sister push her around until they found a way to get backstage to meet Clay. In the last few years, we had drifted apart due to busy lives and miles that seperated us. But we came back together at Hospice when she came back home to the Central Valley from the Cancer Center to spend her last days. It was over those concert stories that we spent telling that we shared our last laughs together. Thank you Clay for the memories. We will never let miles and time get the best of us again. Can't wait to see you again here in California.
- Trina
Living and loving a man who makes me laugh
I met you when you performed at Ned Devine's in Sterling, VA in March of 2007. I told you that I remembered when you were diagnosed and that I had been diagnosed in 2005 and it was great to see you doing so well after so much time. You kissed me on the cheek and said, "You will be, too." Thanks for that. I have to use a cane now, but I'm taking Tysabri (BetaSeron stopped working for me) and doing well. I'm also taking Ampyra and it helps a lot. My legs don't feel so heavy, you know? I got married last November to a wonderful man who makes me laugh, often before breakfast. I hope you're doing well. I just saw the video for "She Won't Be Lonely Long" on The Country Network. I'm going to call WMZQ and request "Where Do I Go From You?" right now. Addition to the story: When I met you, my then-boyfriend had broken up with me a few months before. It was a really rough time. But eventually (after over a year), we got past the problems we had had, and my then-boyfriend is my now-husband.
- Erin
Lana Barker
Clay has been a big part of my life since 96. I was recently divorced from my childhood sweetheart. His songs helped me realize that it wasn't necessary to be unhappy. I felt like he was singing to me. I was loveable. His songs encouraged me to Live, Laugh and Love. I moved from LA to Orlando, FL. Where I did something I had always dreamed of doing, working at Disney. I remarried moved to Houston and his songs have always been my qua. I believe if he ever walked into the same place I was in Houston, I would freeze and for the first time in my life be speechless. My family knows how much I have adored him and his music for years. It lifted my spirit and soul, when no one could. Hugs for never letting me down!
- Lana Barker
Clay Inspired !!
I find it hard to give a title to my story. I was told I had MS in '99. Well no big deal as I decided that either I was going to let MS be boss or me !! Well call it being a woman, bull headed or like my mom !! So with that being said I WAS BOSS for my MS!! And Clay Walker is inspiration to me already as having MS and he kept going. When I heard Live, Laugh and Love yes my life changed. May 3rd 2010 I was standing at the hospital window looking out . I was told my mom was battling second round Ovarian Cancer and behind me in the hospital bed was my life, my 20 year old son from neck to toes was covered after a 6 hour surgery from a hit and run driver. And since 99 when told I had MS I have lived, I have laughed and I have loved !! As of today my mom is in the hospital with 60 percent kidney failure from chemo and my son by May 15th will be undergoing plastic surgery as scares on all his body and with the excellent work of surgeon Dr. Sagi he replaced the elbow on his right arm and was able to put a rod in his femar bone on the left leg. So as of right now as I said before Clay Walker is inspirational to me because of MS and his song Live, Laugh and Love also inspirational as with all of this My MOTHER, My SON and MYSELF are still fighting as we live moments and laugh at times and LOVE each other all with great faith too !! So that as I said I have no clue what to call or title my story!! Inspiration ? Put that but maybe would call it Clay Inspired !!
- Donna Giglio
Come To The Fair
Clay I want you and Kurt and the band to come and play here at th Appalachain District fair this year as the Band on the run for MS I have had MS 13 years now and still love life music and living. My son is 20 and is also an insulin dependent diabetic drummer and bassist. He has to pumpit up (literally) but that's a blessing! Come see us Carter's voice is stupendous and our 14 year old budding Maddie is a package deal in the makin'. work us up and we would love it. Beautiful kids but our real dream is to see you here at Gray doin' the Fair!Look for an Invitation soon!
- Melanie
Miss your music
Since I've moved to Michigan, I no longer hear you on the radio. They are playing your new songs every once in a while, but none of the old ones.
- Marilyn
living when you should be gone
December 30, 1995, I was in a horrible accident where everyone thought that was it for me. The docs in the E.R. at Vanderbilt all gave up on me but the annistesiologist Dr. John Barwise. They all was calling for who thought I would live, well all of them said she won't live! Dr. Barwise was the only one that said I would and they gave me 2% rate on what life I had left. Well each and everytime before anyone entered my room, my mother asked them to pray for me before they touched me. I could only stay there a month because I was on TennCare. Then 1 mnth later I got carried back to the hospital where I am from in Parsons, Tenn. Then got carried to Jackson, Tenn. to an old folks home where they liked to have killed me! Then to Jackson General where I loooove them! Then back to Nashville to Vandi Stallworth Rehab. Then came home and went through therapy. The therapists didn't help. So we got rid of my physical therapist. Then 97 rolls around one of my other best friends Ron O'dell who was my 2nd physical therapist who got it through to my head, I could do it started coming. He knew how I needed to be treated. Then my occupational therapist Jennifer Cunningham out of Jackson started coming. Then Mary Cruise from Parsons, taught me how to slowly talk a lil bit. Then it got to the point I had to let them all go and even though I had gotten so much better, still couldn'twalk, talk understandable but Jennifer did get my hand able to open up. Me and Ron stayed in touch afterwards. Then he moved to Henderson, Nevada. Well me and him talk a little bit. But I sure do wish I could see him again and his mom n dad n fam. But after all that I knew I was graduating in 98, so I wanted to walk and get my diploma, so I went back to Jackson General for re-hab. They couldn't yet get me to walking. So it was drawing near to graduation yime. Couldn't do it, it was like my legs wasn't strong enough to quit get me up! But graduation day came about. I was so happy to see all my old friends that day! It was the time when they called my name. My friend Joe Phillips wheeled me up to the stage. Then a couple old friends picked me up in the wheel-chair and put my up on stage. Joe wheeled me over to my Uncle Ken was handing out diploma's.He handed me mine then got me and stood me up! Should have heard that gym applauding! I would like to hear a song. If you write ne back I will explain what happened inthe wreck to ya and you have got to hear it!!! Please Clay only write me back. I went and seen ya in Huntsville, Alabama in 92 or 93! Sure wish I could see ya now but hahahah! Too much money for a girl on SSI! Now I can walk still have problems but no where near the old days, open and move my right hand, and talk understandably! So proud! My telephone # at home is 731-847-2452 and write on here before you call me for me to be home! I love you! Samantha Houston
- Samantha Houston
MS Inspiration
Hi I've just read your story about your life with MS. It was great to hear that you have been surviving so well for so long. I have to share that my husband was diagnosed over 30 years ago with it & he is still well today with only minor problems occasionally. He also puts it down to physical exercise & from a very early stage he started taking 3 x Evening Primrose Oil capsules a day & swears by this. We both believe that living your life to the fullest & not even thinking or letting your illness take you over is what also keeps you healthy. It also can't hurt to listen to great Country Music like yours as well!!!!!
- Robin
New MS Walk in Platteville, WI in 2011
I am a HUGE country fan, and since being diagnosed in 1995, have always tried to follow your life and trials/tribulations. Following the birth of my son in 2006, my next MRI showed that almost ALL of my lesions disappeared and I was able to stop taking my Avonex injections!! That has been 3 years now, and I'm still going strong. My doctor tells me it's "not possible" to NOT have MS, but that mine is in remission. I Anyway, I have always tried to help out with fundraising and the MS Walk that is held in Madison, WI. This year I was asked to chair a new walk in Platteville, WI, as there isn't much support for us in this area of the state (southwestern part near IL & IA). I know this is a long shot, but we're going to be having our walk the weekend of April 30/May 1, and I just checked your tour schedule and it doesn't look like you're playing anywhere near our area, but I was just going to see if you would be interested in doing a concert in our area to bring more awareness to MS, as there are actually people in my community who are almost embarrassed to tell anyone they have it, which totally blows my mind!! I just feel that you are our best shot at helping to make this initial walk a success so we can keep doing it every year. Thank you, and god bless you for all that you do for the MS crusade!!
- Jennifer Becwar
Hardin Tx Youth Concert
Clay "Thank You" for involving our youth at your concert in Hardin Tx. Your testimony was amazing and hopefully touched many if the kids. You offering to purchase a Bible for the kids that need one was awesome. Thank you for being such a caring person and giving Mr. Watson the hat....that was great. God Bless You, your band and family. One day I will get the privilege of meeting you.
- Janet Russell
Hardin Christian Benefit
Clay when you came to our town halloween day it changed me. See, I am a big believer of God. But, my family and I never have time to get to church. We always have something to do. BUt i have been trying to get to church more its just not working out. But When you played that song "You Deliever Me" i cried like never before. You helped me see that THe things i have done will be forgiven. and your right i will never forget. I disappointed my parents severely and when you said what you did my heart sang! I have thought that i would never be forgiven for my sins and now i know i will! I live life to the fullest (best i can) and you inspire to do greater and live just a little bit more. I would love to talk to you sometime about it so just email me if you can. khvamstad@yahoo.com thank you! I love you! love, katlyne
- Katlyne
Live, Laugh, and Love- Hardin TX
I am writing because when Clay came to Hardin TX this past weekend he said if anyone needed a Bible to mail their ticket in and he would get them one. I did not get his contact information and where to send the request. It was a great joy to have him there and it was a blessing for him to share his heart with us. I am including a Poem that was inspired by this song because I have been through some hard times and that song is exactly what my new life theme is, thanks for your time and consideration Live Laugh and Love It was a blast to hear you sing As these words in our ears did ring You came to our town and spread good cheers And it was music to our ears This song especially was a treat me Because it is my new life theme I hope others do see In a world of sadness and broken dreams Where many lay down at night and their heart screams They have listen to the voice of woe And feel through life they can no longer go So a smile on a face that is so real Can give them a push and help them heal That they may see in us our God above And learn to Live, Laugh and Love
- Rodney Sellers
Thank you
I just saw you at the Hardin United Methodist Youth Christian Concert. As usual, you were wonderful. I am so glad you were willing to do the concert. I have two of the tickets and would like to send them off so that two of my three sons and their family can get a bible from you. Where can I send the tickets to? There was no address to send them to listed on the tickets. I do not know what MS is like but I have had battles of my own which have included over two dozen spinal taps and I am glad you inspire so many with your strength and courage. I had tried to train for the MS150 several years ago but was unable. I recently found out that you have also done the MS150. I will not give up and will keep trying. Be blessed
- Joy Starr
Our First Love
Clay, You have no idea what you mean to us. It all started in 94 when two young girls heard "What's It to You?" on the radio. We fell in love with you immediately...the music videos helped...and so did your Wranglers! We spent many sleepover nights watching CMT and waiting for Clay Walker videos. You have been a part of our lives, from being in our locker in junior high to going to your concerts in high school and college. Our husbands don't understand, but that does not stop us. We look forward to more singing and more Wranglers. Please come to Texas for a concert! We miss you! Love forever, Candice & Natalie (your biggest fans)
- Natalie and Candice
Clay Walker Shirt Collection
Clay, It has now been many years since you and I designed and produced the Clay Walker line of Western Shirts. People still tell me that your shirts were the best ever!! I hear that you are now a really good golfer. I would LOVE to play a round with you any time you are in Nashville or North Alabama. Perhaps you could come to Birmingham and we will play Shoal Creek. Hope to hear from you soon! Your friend, Dennis Goldasich 256-744-4207
- Dennis Goldasich
once blind now we see
HI Clay, you sang for me in Little Rock, AR. I had the semi bald head and was wearing the Globetrotters dress. You hugged and kissed me after the show because I was not afraid to stand and clap and show you love. Clay, we only live once. I woke up one day, blind in my left eye. I went through all of the regular stuff, spinal tap, mri, steriods, etc., etc. Seven months later I woke up blind in my right eye, it was then that I got my diagnosis of RR MS. I have had MS for 12 years. I moved to Plano, TX a year ago and live truly is big here. People always say to me, "wow, you don't look like you have MS" and I say, "can you tell me what that looks like?" It's not easy having this disease but our job is to Live Laugh and Love like there is no disease. Like there is no tomorrow. Take care of yourself Clay and Maybe I will see you soon. Cyndi
- Cyndi
MS Benefit Concert - Charlotte, NC
Hello, Mr. Walker! My name is Kristin Gable and I read about you through Kyle Frederick. I was diagnosed with MS 8 years ago after my second exacerbation. Every year since then, I have walked in Walk MS - Charlotte and raised money for the National MS Society. In the past few years I have held silent auctions and 1 pool tournament, raising almost $10 thousand for their research. In 2011, I am planning another event. This year, I thought a benefit concert would bring in good support. That is when I started looking for musicians like yourself. Please let me know if this is something you would be able to donate your time, skills, talent, resources and STORY with this cause! Blessings, Kristin Gable www.kristinskrew4ms.org
- Kristin Gable
Kicking MS and Living Laughing and Loving
Hi Clay, I have had MS since at least 1990. I remember when your song Live, Laugh and Love, came out it made me cry. I knew at the time that you had MS also, and from that day on, I made it my theme song. I have been very active even with the disease, working, going to the gym and dancing, yes dancing, everything from line dancing to jazz and tap. Somedays it's a struggle, but then I remember how lucky I am compared to others. In the past five years I have joined a Bible Study Group and with their help and inspiration from you song, I try to spread cheer and hope wherever I go. My daughter got married last month, and when I say a company named "Live, Laugh, Love Marriage Coordinators", I immediatley hired them for the job, which of course, they did an excellent job. Something about those three little words Live,Love,Laugh can bring a persons spirit up even on a bad name. Hope you are doing well, and that you take your song to heart everyday, and live YOUR life to the fulliest. Theresa Ward New Brunswick, Canada
- Theresa Ward
Thank You Clay !
Thank you Clay for sharing your powerful testimony of healing on the Trinity Broadcast Network. You have brought many people closer to God by your example and story, keep on doing what you are doing. You are exactly where God needs you for this time in history. God Bless You and Yours, Trey Mueller.
- Trey Mueller
My girlfriend's brother, Ian, has been a M.S. patient for over three years. He would be lost without his mother and sister constantly caring for him. I also assist with various duties, as needed. The West family is united like I've never seen before. I pray that someday Ian's symptoms can be controlled so that his quality of life will improve. The home-health program in Texas has seriously failed to provide enough hours per week. Are there any other avenues to explore pertaining to M.S. research or other helpful information?
- Brian Martin Rios
Living, Laughing and Loving DESPITE MS!
Have you ever had something happen that was so startling, so unexpected that you did not know how you were going to deal with it? How about losing your vision as you're driving down an interstate? Or waking up one morning and not being able to feel your hands and feet? These are both things that have happened to me in the past 10 years and mild symptoms compared to many other people who are living with Multiple Sclerosis. In 1998 while living and working in Nashville, TN, I had my first MS attack with the temporary loss of vision. After meeting with my physician, a neurologist, having a spinal tap and MRI, I received a “probable diagnosis” for MS. It was not until a second episode, several years later, involving the loss of hearing, taste and eventually balance that I was given a definite diagnosis and could start treatment. Since starting my traditional treatment, I have been able to live an active and productive life. Since finding a wholistic treatment in the past few months, I have become more dedicated to helping others find a wholistic treatment and possible cure. While I have been very fortunate in the minor nature of my symptoms, I know that there are thousands who suffer with partial or complete paralysis, difficulties with vision, cognition, speech, and other bodily functions. I am more determined now than ever to fight the devastating effects of MS! I hope I can live, laugh and love this day and every day hereafter!
- Kristin Gable
Rough And Smooth Parts Of My Life
I was in High School and it seemed like i was in trouble every week.I got arrested three time my junor year.The reason for my my arrests is that i have tublous scrosus. That is T.S. for short and i have one of your cds it has change my life.Wish T.S. i have siezers that was why i was always in trouble. I just went to your concert in Sioux Falls South Dakota. You put on an awsome show i wish i could see it again that is how good of a show you put on in Sioux Falls South Dakota. The song (If I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You).Really puts my life in to perspective and it also explains the the girlfriend boyfriend deal that i am in right now.
- Tanner Bourassa
"You look so good!"
My change of lifestyle started 17 years ago. I have MS, but it does not have me. I am in a wheelchair my legs are very unreliable, but my wonderful husband of 28 years does not let that stop us. I can transfer and I have a lot of fun doing it. My husband will just pick me up and put me where I need putting. Nothing is going to get in our way of good seats wether at a concert or ball game. I can honestly say I do not mind being manhandled! I do the MS Walk every year and raise a good amount of money. My husband walks I roll. For the past eleven years I have led a support group. Thank you Clay for all you do. Stay well!
- Jodi Ashmore
Had a blast!
Hi, Clay, My boyfriend won tickets back in 1996 to see you and George Strait. A limo came to the door to pick us up when my boyfriend realized that when he had gone to the 7 Eleven he had somehow lost the tickets. We sent the limo off and were so disappointed. This was in Sacramento. Well, last night a neighbor stopped by yesterday afternoon and told me he had 2 tickets to see your band at Patriot Place. Of course, we rearranged our plans and 3 hours later my 11 year old son, Jordan and I were rockin out with you and the band. We had a blast!!! It may have taken 14 years to finally see you in concert, but you did not disappoint! Jordan caught one of your famous "Guitar picks" and couldn't have been more excited. So glad to see you are doing well! Your friends in Massachusetts wish you all the best. Love your new album. Come back real soon ya hear?! Lisa
- Lisa
My story starts 8yrs ago my Senior year of High School. I had always been an A student..grades were everything to me, but I needed a job. I stared working with my friend taking pictures of little kids on Santas lap then moved to the Easter Bunny! The only difference there was we took turns being the Easter Bunny! The suit was very hot and not much fun. During that time in "2002" I started to have face tingling on one side and then turned into face numbness, eyes wondering, blurred and double vision. The doctor I was seeing said it was all just Bels-Palsy but my mother didn't agree until we got an MRI. That all came back fine..or so we were told! We went to another family doctor where he sent me for another MRI and what started as fine turned into a whole nother story! I was unable to drive or even walk by myself! Finally my doctor, thinking I had parasites in my brain sent me to a neuroligist where I was quarantined. I then was unable to see, walk, or eat and had many tests ran on me! At the time I was only 17, missed Prom and was scared half to death. Everyone was convinced that I was going to die and had no clue why or how! Finally I was taken in for a spinal tap where it took them 17 pokes or should I call it sticks/stabs before it was in the right spot! I had a team of doctors and their students looking after me when they concluded with Multiple Sclerosis. We had never heard of the disease at this time but when we looked back I started with 1 lesion that was missed and ended with 15 lesions. I was upset and confused with how it all happend so fast! Since then I have been on all the MS meds. Avonex, Betaseron, Capaxone and now Tysabri that I'm taking at my own risk. My MS is very aggressive and very hard to predict and manage! I have come along way since then..I am now with a wonderful man and had a beautiful baby girl two years ago which no one believed I could have or handle. The symptomes still come and go..hard to stand or walk at times but it just makes me appreciate life more than ever! I am a huge fan of Mr. Clay Walker and have met him at a country club in West Frankfort, IL. but was still hard to see at that time and he is an inspiration to me and my family! Thank you for all that you do, Marianna Intravaia
- Marianna
changing lives 1 person at a time
Dear Clay; My wife and I saw your story in the news paper and were very touched by it. We recently became involved with a nutritional beverage company called Monavie and because of the healthy impact it has had on our lives we thought it could help you too! Here is a link to our website if you would like to check it out. http://rikmid.mymonavie.com/ Anyway take care and we love your music! Rick and Stephanie
- Rick Viduka
Live, Laugh, Love
My story starts as a child. As a young child I did the MS/MD walk from door to door for years to get enough money to send in on the yearly telethon. Later in life I became a social worker (5 years ago) and have worked in the mental health field ever since as a community worker working directly one on one with my clients. Recently one of my clients who suffers from Schizo-Affective disorder was diagnosed with Myotonic Dystrophy. At first he was very depressed due to the eventual outcome of the disease. I told him your story of having MS and still having a productive life. I also played two of your songs that I felt were applicable to his situation. 1.Fall 2.Live, Laugh, Love We have discussed on many occasions his final days and what we can do for now to make life more livable, laughable, and of course lovable. I am proud of my work and love my clients beyond belief. I am rewarded everyday even if they are in a bad place, I know it will only get better I have been a country music fan all my life. My father for a while back in the late 50's and early 60's played with Patsy Cline (a heritage of which I am very proud). I believe that your songs are designed to help others as much as me and my colleagues do. I can't tell you in words how wonderful and inspiring you and your music are....... God Bless Howard Groleau
- Howard Groleau
Glad you are making a comeback
At 22 I was diagnosed with MS. I am very fortunate to say 18 yrs. later I'm doing well with the usual fatigue, pain, etc. I live here in Franklin and was so excited to hear your new song. I posted it on Facebook saying how proud I was to see you not giving up. Keep going strong, have a positive attitude and keep bringing the hit songs. Much love.
- Nancy Brown
Always makes it better
My mom tells me I've been singing Clay Walker songs since I could talk. I'm 16 now and finally got to go to a concert in Kansas City,KS at Yallapolooza 2010. I was so excited!It had rained all day and still was and I had been standing all day waiting for him to go on.I worked my way up to the front of the stage.By the time he came out my feet hurt so bad but I didn't care I jumped and sung like crazy to all the songs even his new one I didn't know. Clay's songs alway make me feel better when something is wrong.I've been having problems with my older sister for the past few years and everytime i would think about the sadness I would click on my Clay Walker Playlist on my Computer or mp3. His music always makes me smile. My troubles melt away and I get sucked into the softness of his voice. I always dreamed thanking him for his music and how it helps me when I can't take on the world.Thanks for all the music you bring to my life!
- Emily Gold
Marry Me Clay Tshirt Girl
From the time I heard Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open at age 6 I was hooked on Clay Walker. When my father passed away when I was 8, to cheer me up, me, my mother and cousin drove to Pensacola, FL about 8 hours away to see Clay in concert. Hurrican Opal came through the panhandle during our travel that stranded us for 2 days in hotel. We finally made it. We snuck into the parking lot next to Clay's bus. I was scared being only 8 years old. So we got out and walked around and tried going inside the venue to hopefully get a glimpse at Clay. We quickly got in troubl and had to leave. We attended the concert that evening and caught his guitar pick. Clay helped me and my family though one of the hardes times in my life. Throughout the years I have attended many concerts. I say Rudolph Red Nose Reindeer on stage with him when he asked the children to come on stage I couldnt help but rush up there :) At another concert I go an autograph and lei from Clay and he told me he liked my glasses. The icing on the cake was in March 2010 we had front row and it felt like he sang to me the whole time. I caught his guitar pick again. I made a shirt that said Marry Me Clay. I didnt get to speak to him so I waited at a gate by his bus. His manager told me Clay didnt have time for pictures so I shouted "Its the Marry Me Tshirt Girl" Clay was sooo nice and was like Let me see her! I had the pleasure of formally meeting him and taking a picture with him agter 16 years. Clay is my ultimate role model. He is one of the strongest people I know and I will be a fan of his until the day I die. We need more men as genuwine as Clay in this world! I also named my son Evan Clay Ward. Same intials and you know where the Clay came from :) My husbdand thinks Im insane and crazy.. but he doesnt understand! :)
- Sara Ward
A Fallen Soldier
I'm writing to Clay about an Indiana Marine Soldier who is just 23 years old. He has served in Iraq last year & since has been hospitalized with Terminal Cancer. He recently was moved to a Hospice home with just months left to live. His only WISH is to meet his Idol Clay Walker or a phone call from him would be great also. With all that he's been through this would be such a lift at such a low moment in his life. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated. This is someone that should never be forgotten................ Hope & Pray to hear from you & maybe we can bring a smile to a very PROUD Marine........... Ralph "Zoc" Zoccolillo Chairman, American Legion, Indiana Blue Star Salute Cell- 317-750-4265
- Ralph "Zoc" Zoccolillo
Classy Group of People
I hope Clay and Vance enjoyed the Coeur d' Alene golf course today. Jessica and the children enjoy shopping.The band and drivers are a really joyful group. I appreciate the work on MS you are doing, I work with children with Autism and wish a singer would help take on that fight. Again it was nice meeting you and some of your crew. If ever back this way again drop me a email or call me. Enjoy your trip to Montana. - Jim Stevens P.S.Hope Jessica didn't brake the bank in town. lol
- Jim Stevens
Still Fighting for a Cure
My story began 11 years ago when my daughter at the age of 16 was diagnosed with MS. My head starting spinning with all of the information. However, wtih the support of my famliy, friends,the NMSS and MS doctors we were able to take things a little slower and methodically find the best information, medication, etc. for her to thrive. She and us (her family) had a lot of set backs. But she always prevailed. She is now 27 years old and just had a baby boy who totally exhaust her. I have been raising money for MS for 11 years but have decided to step up my fundraising goals to help find a cure. I joined the Board of Directors, MD Chapter of the Nat'l MS Society and become more involved in all aspects of MS...research, support and fundraising and the only way I can do it is with the help or all my friends and family...we live we laugh and we love to raise money for MS.
- Susan Broderick
Still Fighting for a Cure
My story began 11 years ago when my daughter at the age of 16 was diagnosed with MS. My head starting spinning with all of the information. However, wtih the support of my famliy, friends,the NMSS and MS doctors we were able to take things a little slower and methodically find the best information, medication, etc. for her to thrive. She and us (her family) had a lot of set backs. But she always prevailed. She is now 27 years old and just had a baby boy who totally exhaust her. I have been raising money for MS for 11 years but have decided to step up my fundraising goals to help find a cure. I joined the Board of Directors, MD Chapter of the Nat'l MS Society and become more involved in all aspects of MS...research, support and fundraising and the only way I can do it is with the help or all my friends and family...we live we laugh and we love to raise money for MS.
- Susan Broderick
Im sorry to say i have never been to a clay walker concert. Maybe one day i could that is a dream i hold on to. But for now, i am trying to survive one day at a time. I am a stay at home mom and have 3 children, 13, 6, and 4. My husband was a package delivery driver for a great company and life was great until he injured his back at work 3 years ago. He has not worked in over a year, had one spine surgery, and needs another. There are some days when he cannot walk at all. Its not ms but a similar situation because he has painful episodes and is confined to the bed for several days at a time and it has changed our lives. We were an outdoors family, our kids played sports year round, often at the same times and we would make sure one of us is there to see their games. Now we are confined to the house and i am trying to do it all. I mean everything all day everyday from 5 am until almost midnight most days keeping up with the household amd laundry, homework, yardwork, meals, everything and its so exhausting. Its like a workout all day long everyday the good thing is ive gone down a few inches although it wouldnt hurt to lose a few more! Lol anyways clay please remember to appreciate all your wife does. I dont know if ms causes you immobility but if it does please please let your wife know shes appreciated because its very hard physically and emotionally to see the man you love hurting and unable to do the little things in life most take for granted. I hope one day soon ms is a thing of the past. Thank you for your time.
- Monique
Fight Against MS
I've been a fan of ur's ever since Hypmetise the Moon came out and Jesus was a Country boy.U have so many great songs.I always had alot of respeect for u in the way u kept going even after u were diagnosed with MS. I was diagnosed in 2000 . I recently have been attending MS meetings in Greenville,Tx. All of us who attend r big fans of urs.The group I attend to would like to help MS and get the word out that there is a support group in Hunt County.We were hoping u could help us with a fund raiser to help MS research. Thank u for all ur hard work u have done for MS. Your Fan, Angie Horton
- Angie Horton
A Class Act
My story is not a story but an experience. As a local stage hand of 12 + years , I have had the privilage of setting up many well known bands of different styles.Of all the acts I've met Clay Walker,his band and crew are some of the most genuine people one can hope to work with. I've been fortunate enough to work with them on a few occasions and they all maintain a professional and respectable attitude. Clay Walker and his entourage are truly a class act on behind and off the stage.
- Joe Navarro
My Clay Walker Story - Chico, CA
Anderson, CA. Concert For all those who have not seen Clay Walker live, you are missing out! I have been a Clay Walker fan since 1993 when he broke out with his debut album. As a personal note: I used to live in Tennessee. One night in Nashville, Clay played a very small benefit concert with Tim McGraw, Tracy Lawrence & David Kersh. Clay Walker walked through the building letting everyone take photos as he was swarmed by fans. I still have the photos from that night. After the show, he candidly talked to James Stroud as I just stood and appreciated the moment. He was back then, and still is very approachable. I used to work at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville and when Clay Played there, employees were not able to get meet & greets or approach the artist. Man, I was bummed. My being patient paid off. I am no longer in Nashville and no longer in that industry. On June 18, 2010, Clay played in Anderson California. I lucked out and received a Guest Pass to go back stage before the concert. I nervously waited in line and then, my moment came. Clay shook my hand, visited with me for a few short minutes, asked my name and acted as if I were his biggest fan. (Of which I am) His fan Club person took our photo and we just talked. As I walked away, Clay gave me a “fist bump”. My smile…it must’ve been obvious that he made my day! Later, my wife saw you for the first time and I saw you for about the 10th time. It was the best concert. We sang and danced and played and cheered…wow! Clay, THANK YOU! Thank you for the time. Thank you for the concert. You sang your heart out. You performed passionately and endlessly. We even walked away that night with souvenirs. I bought a Clay Walker magnet; we were given a Clay Walker guitar pick, the guest pass, a song set list, and more. All of which will be proudly displayed in our Game Room at home. (Along with my other Clay Walker guitar picks and signed CD sleeves. Sign up for the fan club and support this spectacular singer/song writer. If you have not seen Clay Walker or if you are even “thinking” about it…Go! Just Go! You can thank me later. Tony – Chico, CA.
- Tony
Clay Walker RULES!!!!!
Clay, I have been a fan of yours ever since I was a little kid and now that I'm 17 I still am a BIG fan of yours. I love and know almost every song you have ever recorded and I am wanting to be a country singer too. I'm a 17 year old boy from the lil community of Three Forks,MS. Clay, you are a very talented singer and it's my dream to one day go on tour with you and maybe pen a song together. maybe we can sing a duet of my fav song This Woman and This Man ps I sing it to girls all the time @ school. They love it. God bless you Clay walker, I'm trying to talk my Mama into signing me up for your backyard BBQ contest i would love y to autograph my guitar and possibly sing with you. Later, man or to quote "Then What" YO MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Trav Weatherly
An Influence
Clay, what can I say that hasn't been said already? I've been a fan of yours ever since I was little. I am a 17 year old boy from the little community of Three Forks,Mississippi and you are a HUGE inspiration in my dreams of being a country singer. Your songs mean alot to me I know and love all of 'em!!!!!!!!!!!! It has always been a dream of mine to meet you and have you autograph my guitar. I'm trying to talk my mama into signing me up for that backyard concert your doing LOL. I would love to sing This Woman And This Man and Live Until I Die with you. I can relate to Live Until I Die because it says I didn't live on no blacktop street, I sure didn't me living on a red dirt road. Thanks for all of the great tunes and I have a question before I go. Will you ever come to Tupelo,MS or Corinth,MS?????????? I heard you are coming to Jackson,MS next month I'm unable to go. One day I hope to see you live and sing with you when I break into country music I hope we tour together. In closing, I would just like to say Clay walker RULEs and like me your just a good ol' down home country boy.
- Trav Weatherly
Macayla santanas story
I was born with grandmaw and papa clay has to call them aunt.Patti and uncle Freddy well just to say I'm trying to win that concert for your back yard for my papa and mawmaw because clay your my cousin you were there wen I was born and you saw how I daughter to live and just thanking about my beutifull voice that you've given me and I'm hoping you can help me this summer get there well i love you cuz and hope it works out very good for me and you and the babies up there well gotta go so love you Clay walkers cousin macayla Santana
- Macayla
Sweet Honey
This is about my grandma Honey, she did not have MS, but she loved her some Clay Walker. She use to say when one of his songs came on the radio,"oh! There's my sweet boy" and her face would light up and she'd began to sing along and clap her hands. We first saw Clay in the Woodlands my son was 3 years old it was his first concert and Honeys. From then on every concert close by and every year at The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo she was there with her hat and boots, cheering just as loud as any of us or any one around us for her boy... The song " Live Laugh Love" was her favorite. Needless to say Honey is no longer with us she passed away June 2, 2006. We were all devestated by her death, but after she left us her boys song " Live Laugh Love" got us through....Clay Walker was her first concert and her last. Thank you Clay for bringing so much joy to her life and her heart. Your music lives on in her memory and our hearts. We love you Clay Walker and we pray God Will Bless you in your journey. Thank you also for the Hope you bring to those with MS, you are a wonderful role model to everyone. Keep making music and touching lives. God has given you a true talent and you clearly use it for His good. Keep being an inspiration to us all. Debbie Houston, Texas
- Debbie
Beating Multiple Sclerosis
I was diagnosed with MS in 2005. For the first few years I was confused, depressed, and had basically no idea which way was up. Then I had a change. Live, Laugh, Love really healped me realize that life truly is what you make of it - and how you live it -- every day. I decided to get involved in the MS community: Volunteering at the local chapter - even doing our own fundraisers to raise BOTH awareness and funds to help find a cure. It sounds better in my mind - but the song actually makes me happy... and reminds me that life is what you choose to make of it - regardless of what is to come. I have learned to live in the moment and stop worrying about what might happen when I wake up - and the day (God forbid) that I wake up and can no longer walk - I'll just have to make a few adjustments in my life and CONTINUE TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!
- Sarah Beasley
a super son-in-law
My son-inlaw is Chris Scogins, he a married to my daughter, Elizabeth. Chris found out that he has MS. just before his son was born. That was four years ago. He started some experimental treatments. They seems to be working for him. After a yearly check-up, his doctor put him on shots everyday. He has good days and he has bad days. Chris goes to work everyday. Somedays dragging. But he is determined not to let his family down. His wife is expecting twins in July and he is so happy. Reading your story has encouraged me so much that I forwarded it to his wife. We will keep going through thick and thin. We live in and love Nashville. Please keep your good work up with MS. and we pray for a cure. Love you. Mrs. Pauline Keller pikeller@bellsouth.net
- pauline keller
Wounded Warrior Foundation Concert
I was in Mosul,Iraq when I first found out the news of my now ex-wife cheating. Sounds bad huh? Well this one has a good turn to it. A few months down the road Clay released his new album Fall. man when I first heard it I was really needing a pick me up song. Riding the roads of iraq, and chilling on the base with no alcohol brought me to listen to "Mexico" all the time. Pretty soon I had a bunch of the guys finishing the lines. . . .No matter what we were going through you could always get a smile with "where do ya go. . . . ." they would always finish it. I love to volunteer and help with different organizations. I have been helping the Wounded Warrior Foundation for awhile. The first weekend home from Iraq, I was invited to come to the dinner/show. This was a great experience all around. Ken Eakes is a great guy, and Clay Walker is a very laid back fun loving dude. just getting to say hi, and get a thank you for doing what we do from him was an unforgetable experience.I am a romantic at heart and for him to bring his girl on stage and sing "fall" to her was moving. I have seen Clay over and over again, starting way back in 98' in Houston at the Woodlands. I always make his shows at the Houston Rodeo. Where were ya this year man????? I am looking forward to your show in september and hope I can score a pair of VIP tickets. That looks like a lot of fun. Clay, you are right up the road, so if you ever want some good BBQ let me know its cook out season. . . . . .Thanks for everything you do man!
- Justin Doster
My MS Story
I am 14 years old and was diagnosed with MS in May, 2009. I am on Rebif injections and numerous medications. I have had a flare every couple of months since I was diagnosed. The medication I am on now seems to be helping. My doctor is in he process of helping to get Ampyra. This medication is supposed to improve my walking. I really hope that it helps. I wanted to say Thanks for all you are doing to help to find a cure for MS.I have always loved your music,and i think you a terrific singer/role model.My dream will always be to meet Clay Walker(:
- Allie Williams
Thoughts on my MS.. It could be worse!
Hi Clay, I have to tell you that you inspire me how you are so giving of your time to people who have something so personal in common with you, I often wonder if you get sick of hearing about MS (MonSter)? People around me often ask me not to talk about my health however it is difficult not to when you are home alone daily and that is really what is left to talk to people about. I was thought to have MS at 13 after I had viral meningitis and a lumbar puncture showed a few warning signs... sorry not sure what. At 18 I went numb from the chest down and the same day a Dr. came into my room and said those words "I think you have MS" He added something to it Oh yeah "I also think you have a brain tumor". I remember exactly how I reacted, " It's better than this all being in my head." I have had some very serious exacerbations, mostly after having neuro surgeries (brain surgery. After I was diagnosed with my tumor I was told it should come out and so in '93 it was. After my surgery I tried to stop a sneeze because I was told not to well the sneeze back fired and tore open my brain surgery site ( inside). I ended up with a severe Cerebral spinal fluid lead ( brain fluid leak). I have had 16 surgeries for the leak and tumor, these surgeries I am sure caused some of my MS exacerbations. On a better note, I can't wait to meat you in person, I will wait until it's my turn. The reason I say it could be worse is persons with ALS can't move a muscle and a sentenced to a life of silence and emotional turmoil... I am so so lucy it's just MS! Take Care Connie Scheer
- Connie Scheer
My hero
I have followed Clay's career, watched him overcome many obstacles and watched him come back with full force. Just to see his courage and determination has within itself given me hope and my own courage to stand on my own. I have dreamed of the day I could possibly go to one of his concerts or meet him in person. He is one of the best country singer that I have had the pleasure of following. Glad God him back to us to share his wonderful music and messgae. It doesn't matter to me what song he sings they all give me a sense of hope and understanding. I have a family member right now facing stomach cancer. But having watching Clay's testimony and courage I know there is hope through the Lord. My dream is to one day meet him and I also wish my family member could meet him as well to let him know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that all cancer doesn't have to result in death. Clay. keep up the great music and entertaining us. We love you and the person you are and your great music. Brandi Clark Lexington, SC I entered your backyard contest maybe I can get to meet you this way.....Only God knows May God Bless You and Your wonderful family
- Brandi Clark
What MS?
Dear Clay, I was watching Golf Channel and was compelled to share my MS story with you. I was 31 and blessed with a 6 month old son when I was disgnosed with MS. Life could not have been better at that point, three years into a marriage, making partner at my company, in our first house and starting a family with a newborn son, and then this news. There were so many unknowns with the course this disease might take. My friends and I prayed, I was making my deal with God to get me through this, I was plain scared not knowing the outcome. The most important advice my neurologist gace me was to avoid stress and live a calm lifestyle. Prayers answered, I checked out of the hospital after three weeks and returned to a full work schedule after several months of rest and a reduced workload. For a brief time at the hospital my entire right-side was paralyzed, but recovered with just a slight indication from my gait and speech that my right-side was affected. I fully recovered within a year. Four years passed and we were blessed with a baby girl and life pretty much returned to normal. Twenty three years pass with no recurrence of MS and five years ago at age 54 I took up the game of golf. I only regret I had not done so much earlier. I love the game Clay, along with he friends I golf with and new people I meet on the course. My friends and I golfed three times last week and four times the week before! There is a great balance of beautiful scenery, freah air, physical and mental stimulation whenever I play. Now somewhat semi-retired after being laid-off a year ago, I am hoping for a second career and opportunity to perhaps work at a golf course. Wouldn't that be a sweet deal?:D I would also love to help you with your BAMS event next month at Pebble Beach. Please let me know ways I can do so. I reside in the Los Angeles area. Best regards and God bless! JM
- JM
Turkey hunting
Luther, MI We have free concerts at the Purchase Pavillion every wednesday night until October here in Luther Michigan. I said this year I was going to get a big act to come in, Actually Clay and guitar would be great. I am thinking I waited on Mr. Walker years ago while bartending at my sisters bar here in Luther. I think he was turkey hunting here in Luther, MI. Anyway, I seen he was doing back yard bbq's......bring the bbq and beer.....we only want clay. Thanks! my computer is out of time....see ya!
- Cheryl Jayne Fullerton
my ms story
im 34 ive had for 4 years now can you beleive every one quit taslking to me i guess they think MS is catchy my kid even left me when i was on my way home from the hospital she dont hardly contact me yes i was bad when i was in the hospital but im better now and she knows it she has seen me since her real dad didnt have hardly nothing to do with her for 12 years and she lives with him now :( they have changed my meds so much i cant keep up with it i know ive had to be on 3 MS shots and now im waiting on them to aprove me me for tysabri
- Kerri Neighbors
still pinching myself!
My story is every girls dream and nightmare, rolled into one! The dream...to meet clay walker! The nightmare...to meet him in the gym,sweaty, hair pulled back in a tangled pony-tail and no makeup! But it happened to me! When I pulled into the parking lot at our Gold's Gym in San Angelo, I saw Clay's bus. My heart nearly skipped a beat at the thought that he could possibly be at the gym, (which I only just joined a few months before, when my daughter, Megan, began working there as a personal trainer.) Once I got inside the gym, I went about my normal routine only to be paged moments later, by Megan. Knowing what a huge fan I have been since she was little, she hands me a piece of paper and a pen and says, "Mom, Clay Walker is in the break room drinking a protein drink and if you don't go ask him for his autograph you will never forgive yourself!" So, I fought my vanity, all the way and heart racing...entered the break room and politely asked him for his autograph! It was an out-of-body experience for sure. He was so nice and looked great! We spoke briefly as I told him one of my favorite songs was, "Down By The Riverside". He said it was one of his bands favorite songs to play and that he wrote it himself! It was an unexpected blessing for sure and a real incentive to keep going to the gym! Thanks Clay for never tiring of making people happy! God bless you! San Angelo loves you! Still pinching myself! Tammy Whitford
- Tammy Whitford
My Sis
Ten years ago my sister, Jani, passed away of breast cancer at the early age of 36. LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE was her tribute song! She was the one to introduce you to me. Ever since that song was released, I fell in love with your music. I see you at every concert during NFR in my home town, Las Vegas, enjoyed you at the Reno Safari Show, my husband even bid on your auction hunt & missed it by couple grand :( and look forward to seein you in Wendover next month!! BTW...I have an incredible cabin couple hours away in Southern Utah if you'd like to have your backyard BBQ there that weekend!!
- Melissa Medina
my story starts 7 years ago. i had a beautiful 7 year old little girl jessie. we wanted to have more children and for what ever reason it wasn't happening. i would miscarry and with that age thing i was running out of time. we saw a doctor in april 2003, that said that he had good news and bad. the bad news was that i have lupus the good was i was pregnant but not sure i could carry to full term. well i was in shock but determined to do what ever i could to see this through. i was put on blood thinners to try and keep me and the baby going. my lupus was on the back burner for now. sept. 26, 2003 jessie turned 8 and we were heading into chiacgo to see the lion king musical. we didn't make it traffic was bad and it was raining. a young man was on his cell phone in the car behind me and when traffic came to a stop he didn't and he ran into us. jessie was fine thank god, and for me, i started haveing contractions. we were taken to the hospital by ambulance my due date wasn't until dec.20, 2003 we all were fine and got to go home the next day. and on dec, 18th julia was born healthy and happy. but the lupus was so hard to deal with and so many people just don't understand. as of july 2009 i was in the hospital for 8 days. on july 8 i made up my mind to get healthy so i started walking 5 to 12 miles a day and with my head-phones and cd player with all my clay walker cds sept 4 2009 i started working with a personal trainer and reconnected with an old friend after 24 years and all because of the song fall and me tired of being sick. so as of today i am 74 lbs down. went from a size 22 to a 6 and i am kicking butt and taking names. i am healthier and i love my trainer and the rest of the staff. so now i am helping others to start getting healthy and working out. don't get me wrong the lupus still gats to me and makes some days harder than others but with a little clay walker music and a good work-out and friends and family i am taking my life back one day at a time. thank you clay walker for all the great songs and your great voice. i couldn't have done it without you or reconnected with my friend if it wasn't for me falling down with the lupus and your song fall. god bless ya, wanda
- wanda
yes i want to thank god for being blessed with my friends life everyone that knows me and all the friends of my children friends i tryed to help along the way love everyone in spite of their mistakes we arent perfect.life is to short be happy enjoy your life have fun help someone less fournate i aint rich but i aint selfish god will reward you in long run .
- Audrey
Handsome Guy!
I have always loved your Music and saw you at Nashville several times.You are such a Gentleman! I'm so happy your song has reached the top.. I have voted for your Song on streaming radio for a while now and it seemed to zoom to the top fast..a great Song . Congrats on your new single! Hope to see you, perhaps in Nashville! Congrats Clay adn Good Luck! BTW- I saw you cooking on Martha Stewart LOL I think she thought you were so handsome, just as all your Fans do.. God Bless.
- Jeri
Clay, Thanks for being an ambassador for MS! You are one awesome guy to do what you do! I have MS! I started a support group for people with MS up in the Lake Norman area of Charlotte! I have about 53 people on the email list and we meet once a month! To be able to give back to people and not focus on myself has been the best thing for my MS. Because then you get to help others with their issues with MS. Plus you realize yours is not so bad after all! I have a lady friend who is 55-Masters Degree in education-taught for 20 years! Now lives at home with her 81 year old Dad! She can no longer take care of herself! She was in need of several things! It just takes one person to see a need and do something about it! With the help of other ladies in my Beth Moore Bible Study, I let them know of the needs and people donated money. So far over $2000 was raised! Currently she is comfortable in her new electric wheelchair, with some new clothes, a new full size bed, a new (used) computer with software that will allow her to speak to work the computer because she has always wanted to write a book! Point of all this, it is like to The Touhey family from the book and movie "The Blind SIde", just have your eyes open to see what is around you and turn around to go help! You might forget about your issues and help someone along their way! How cool would that be! So thanks for all you do Clay to make people aware of MS, Keep up the good work and may GOD bless you and your family!
- Susie Phillips
what a voice
Last March we visited the Strawberry festival near Orlando, Florida and we saw your concert. Fantastic what a voice! My husband was over from Holland (Europe) for his work and I was holidaying. I ordered a CD from you (from1999) through the Internet. But now I want to buy your newest CD coming out! Maybe you can tell me if that is possible and how? We will be visiting Canada in June this year maybe I can buy it over there? Kind regards, Marion and Theo
- Marion van de Voort
thanks you
When I was 16 I first heard "If I could make a living". I thought how catchy. I the saw the video on our country tv station. I then went out and bought the cd. I fell in love with your music. You came to my area and peformed at a fair with Diamond Reo in 1996. I was so excited and I didn't drive at that time yet so I had to bribe my brother to take me. So I had to by my ticket, my brother's and his girlfriend's ticket, pay for the gas, food, and souveniers. But it was well worth it!! I have every cd you ever recorded and I can't wait for your new cd to hit the stores. I have three children now and with each child I have one song of yours that I sing to each of them! I just recently had my son finally and our song is "Fall". But when ever I play that whole cd, he is just so quiet and content. Whenever I have a bad day, all I do is put in one of your cd's and I feel so much better. Thank you for making such great music! Wendy Pennsylvania
- Wendy
Music keeps me going.
Dear Clay. First I will apologise if my spelling isnt right all the time. ( I am from Denmark ). I have always loved to sing, and always wanted to do more than singing at home.. But in 2006 I got diagnosed with MS. A hole year before my diagnose, it all just went down hill fore me. The pain, the dissiness, the times were I couldnt feel my legs. The forgetting things, not being abble to consentrate, being SO tired all the time, and so on. The worst thing at the time, was that I didnt understand WHY... Then I got really bad, and was seen by doctors who quikly gave me the diagnose MS. He told me that, if I didn´t start treament right away, I would be in a wheelchair within 2 months.. Off course I started treament. First kemo (Novantrone), Adrenal Hormone, and also Copaxone (I have to inject copaxone every day). Today I am still not in a wheelchair :-) .. My mother who also has MS, celebrated her 50 birhtday last year, and I wanted to sing a song fore her. I am extremely shy, but I thought that it was now or never. so I contacted the band who was going to play at the party, and they said yes.. Long story short is that it went so well that they wanted me to come and sing with them. so I have been singing with them since last year. Last week one of the guy´s came with your song Live Laugh Love. I fell fore it rigth away, the words was just so clear to me, and I feel so happy when I sing the song. My life with singing has given me so much, mentaly and psysical. off course I am very very tired after a hole night of singing, but I am happy. I am happier fore my children and husband.. I am happy to be here. I think I will sing till the day I say goodbye. Life dosent have to stop just because you get MS. I wish you all the very best. sincerly Anita.
- Anita Nielsen
A big and little fan
Just a cute little story...I became pregnant with my soon to be 13 year old daughter shortly after MaClay was born in 96. While I was pregnant with my girl, I was able to attend multiple Clay Walker shows in Kansas. One of our favorite photos is me dressed up for a Clay show in Salina - over 8 months pregnant!! Don't think I didn't waddle up front to get some good photos - that are posted proudly in my girls baby book! Also, her middle name is DaLayne, after MaClay! I am expecting my second child, many years later and his middle name (if its a boy) will be....Walker! I promise to sing "One, Two, I love you" to this one, just like I did my oldest! Thank you, Clay, for being such an inspiration to us all!!
- Holly
clay this is joey and chad from ga. played golf with you in paul overstreet golf tourn. in miss. and again in phill. miss. will be in auburn al on the 21st of april for your show @ the super club lets play golf again when your in the area.by the way we still have some of your money
- joey griffith
Thurlow Tree Nursery
Good Morning! Great concert last night at the War Eagle Supper Club in Auburn, Alabama. Loved the mix of songs you performed and the confetti was way cool! Got a phone call from a friend, Pat Starr, who met you at the Auburn Oyster Bar. He said you might be looking for some trees. We are the wholesale tree nursery he spoke to you about. I went to the supper club this morning to try to catch someone from your crew but 'missed the bus' so to say. Anywho this is my next best option. Hopefully you will get this and if so give me a call if you are interested. Sincerely, Suzanne Biles-Thurlow Thurlow Tree Nursery 100 Thurlow Lane Auburn, AL 36832 334-257-4145, office 334-332-4316, cell
- Suzanne Biles-Thurlow
Wake up call
Hello Clay, Simply incredible - your song Live, Love, Laugh was the jolt I've needed for too long, so thank you. I have an incredible husband, daughter and son, so in that respect, life is good. But when I heard Live,Love,Laugh it was like I'd been shaken from a long sleep - I realized I'd simply been putting one foot in front of another, and have no clue when it started. I have the why, but not the when. For me, it started like in your song - just a day at a time, to simply get to tomorrow. But your song made me realize it's been years since I've lived joyfully like you sing about in Live, Love, Laugh. I'm not complaining....I've simply been surviving instead of thriving. And I've been doing it by sheer Faith and Humor. Ten years ago I became a survivor in every sense of the word - that's the joke in cancer circles "you know what the defination of a survivor is? It's when a Dr. says 'you've got Cancer' and you don't drop dead on the spot. That's a survivor" I know, cancer humor isn't always funny, sorry. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2001. While going through bloodwork, biopsies and scans, everyone kept telling us "it's so rare...., chances are....." Wrong.They found cells suspicious for malignant tissue, so I had surgery & treatment that year, with annual check-ups for the following five years. By 2006 I finally began to feel my prayers had been answered and I could truly say "I'm healed; it's over." It took practice, and sometimes I could only whisper it, but I finally could say it. So I had a new lease on life, feeling I'd been blessed and spared by God, all in one fell swoop. B March though everything began to go haywire. Different symptoms, worse than with cancer. Numbness, tingling, a form of shingles w/o the blisters, weakness, bugs crawling all over my skin. Again I began to make rounds through the medical center, bouncing from one specialist to another, gathering files and films. More bloodwork, scans, MRIs; suspicions of this or that, but nothing they could diagnose or treat me for. They had to wait until I was sick again. But again, I started hearing "don't worry....rare...usually never returns...... just come back in 6-12 months....try not to worry. I tried to tell them I don't do well w/odds. Two years and four Drs. later, I got the news - remitting relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. During this 8 yr period, I'd been laid off, my husband left his job to start his own practice so he could be @ home to take care of me and the kids, cooking, doing the laundry, etc. when I can't. Last year I was laid off a 2nd time, and we lost our Cobra coverage. Now my MS is pre-existing and well, I'm sure you know the rest of the story. So while I have Faith and Laughing down to a science, thanks to you I'm now going to work on the Living and Loving. Getting out and enjoying what I can do, when I can do it. And not focusing on what I MS has taken away, or what might be around the corner. That's just surviving. I'm ready to thrive. And all the while listening to your music - thank you Clay!
- Jennifer
Help with the Farm
This is really to seek help from Clay Walker I don't know how to get an e-mail to him! Don't mind if it doesn't go on the board.... Clay I know you are a farmer/rancher and love your land. I too love my farm, but we are in jeapordy of loosing it. Not because of lack of paying my bills or taxes, but because the Water department is trying to build a dam in Navasota and flood us out! I would love to talk with you about helping us do a farm aid 2 to save the farms! There is 80,000 acres of farms that they are proposing to flood. I thought you might have some sympathy for a fellow Texas (originally from Southeast Texas) and fellow landowner and a fellow American! Please respond if you can so that i know you received this! thank you, Cathy (a big fan) and neighbor!
- Cathy
hey clay im ashley im 17 years old i was born in mephis tenneesee and was raised in panama city florida im gradurating next year my dad served 22 years in the united ststes Air Force and he retired in 2006 and im hoping to join the Air Force after high school your music helps me get thruogh difficult times in my life and makes me smile and you and your music inspired me and i never seen you in concert and im hoping to see you.
- ashley
Thank you for all that you do!!!!!
Dear Clay, I have been one of your biggest fans since i was 5 or 6 years old. When i was a little girl i used to write letters to you and ask you to come put on a show for me for my birthday!! My parents always wrote me back and made a heroic story up for you why you were too busy to be able to come play at my party. I really believed it back then. I remember my first concert of yours, i spent most of the concert crying hysterically at the Houston Rodeo because i could not believe i was finally able to see you. That was a dream come true. You have never produced a song or video for that matter that has not deserved to be a #1 hit!! you are truely a remarkable singer. your voice just melts my heart. When i first found out that you got diagnosed with MS i was devasted. i remember trying to convince my dad that i was not able to go to school because i was too heart broken due to your conditions and i needed to stay home so i could help give you moral support, Needless to say, my dad didn't buy it and i still had to go to school!! I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!! you are a remarkable, wonderful, sexy sexy man who has changed so many peoples lives just by your music, and i believe you deserve a big gold star*** for that!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life, through your music and dedication to country music!! If only there were more men like you in this world, this world would be a better place!!!! Thank you so much, Kandi Cornell
- Kandi
Your Inspiration
Dear Clay, Like many others who write you, I've been a fan for quite a long time. But that's not really why I'm writing you. I was in my speech class the other day, and I was chatting with my classmates about our upcoming speech topics. They asked what mine was, and I told them it was MS; they had no idea what I meant. I explained about the disease briefly and they asked me why I chose such a sad topic. I then told them about my family history and that several members of the family have it, and I'm a prime candidate. I know you've been dealing with the disease for about 14 years, and I'm so impressed by your attitude. I keep telling myself that if I ever do get truly diagnosed, I hope to be as positive about it as you appear to be. My aunt and uncle tell me that's a very hard thing to do. So, I was wondering if you would share your story with me? If you don't want to I understand, but I think it would be neat to get your personal perspective rather than what the media portrays. I think your BAMS is an awesome project, and I appreciate and admire all you do to inform people about MS. I think it's time to stop rambling, but I'd like to wish you the best of luck in your continuing battle! Thanks so much, Kelsey P.S.- Your concert at Longhorns in Manhattan, KS was the best performance I've ever been to! My friends and I are still raving about it, and we can't wait for you to come back up. (We all have the playlists from the stage framed!)
- Kelsey
Question for Clay Walker?
Clay, I love county music and (You)Clay Walker. The only thing I am asking for is to win the backyard concert with you. I was born and raised in Texas and live in Kansas now. I have a big family thats loves to cook great home cooking meals. We would be so pleased and happy if I were to win the backyard contest. I can promise you a good time with down home county people who would be so excited to have you and your band. I can also promise a great meal with all the fixings including a home made chocolate pecan pie a Texan recipe. Thank you and hope to see you up here in Kansas. Thanks, Jenny
- Jenny
You Inspire Me
Clay, I have been a huge fan since I was in high school. This past year has been one of the most difficult years of my life, you and your music have kept me going. I have had a loss in my life, I have two small children and am on my own now. Whenever I get down or upset, I listen to your music and it lifts me up. My friends took me to two of your concerts last year and those were two amazing nights, I felt happy and carefree for a few hours, it felt good. My dream is to meet you one day and tell you thank you in person! Live, Laugh, Love is my moto and my song - I listen to it ALL the time! So, thank you for your inspiring music and helping me smile again! Robyn Schmotzer
- Robyn Schmotzer
In '93 my daughter Amanda was in high school. You were getting bigger by the day. Whats It To You was everywhere. My girl was counting the days to come see your concert. Btw every time your video came on there was an earth shattering scream that came through the house. Not good when you're getting ready to take a sip of hot coffee. I mean everytime it came on!!! In Oct '93 my daughter was in a vehicle with other family members who were hit by an under the influence driver. Drugs not alcohol. She spent over a week in the hospital and what kept her going? Getting better to go see you in concert a few months away. She had shattered the left side of her face and had to have a couple surgeries. When time of the concert came around she was raring to go. I got a card and thanked you for being you because she definitely mended faster knowing the concert was coming. We got a call from the Arena. We were given four tickets ...very good seats at no charge. We went to the concert...when you got ready to sing your second song you said a mother wrote to me this week about her daughter being in a car wreck and was motivated to get better so that she could be here. I brought Amanda to the front and you knelt down and sang to her. I dont remember the song but she was floating. When we got back to our seat we had an autographed pic of you waiting on us. That was so great and although its been 17 yrs ago I still smile inside and out thinking of it. Thank You again Clay
Clay i have been following you since you have started. I go see you at the rodeo every single year and this year you were not there :(. I would love the chance to see you agian, and one of these days go to a meet and greet with you. I have talked to people in hemstead and they have told me and my mom how sweet and kind hearted you are. If my son could be half of the man you are i would be so blessed! you are truely a great kind hearted man! We love you soo much!!!
- Nicole
Do you rememeber me?
Clay, My name is Donna Jaques and I live in Lumberton, Texas. For a long time I have wanted to write you to see if you remember working at a Computer store as computer salesman, in Beaumont, Texas in the late 80's, early 90's. I was the cuatomer service clerk. I remember you would leave work, go home and change clothes from your usual gray polyester pants and blue shirt, to go play in the local area country music clubs. Back then, you talked about your dreams of being a famous country music star. We used to tell you that you were wasting your time. Thank God, you did not listen. you worked hard and followed your heart and your dreams. The things I do remember about you were your kindness, sense of humor and beautiful smile. I would very much like to know if you remember me and that time in your life. God Bless you Clay.
- Donna Jaques
Concert in Denver CO
We had a great time at the Grizzly Rose thanks for comming. Please come back
- Laurie
Give Life all its worth!
Clay- The past five years of my life have been a whirl wind. I always wondered if they were going to slow down at all. I was going through a difficult divorce and dating a wonderful man. I became very ill. My doctors informed me I needed to have open heart surgery or I would not survive another month. This scared me, I have three children, at the time they were still young. I didn't want o leave them without a mother and a father. My boyfriend asked me to marry him as I was being wheeled back for surgery, this took a lot of stress off my mind. I knew my children would be looked after if I was not to make it. My recovery has been along road. I know have congestive heart failure and seizures as a result, but I have my life and a wonderful family. My childrens father is never around but they have a father in their step father. In 2008 we had a house fire where we lost everything. I did not think my life could get any worse. Why was God doing all these things to me? I didn't understand why life had taken another horrible turn. Our community really came together and helped us rebuild a new and beautiful home. We have a whole new life now. My husband is now planning on adopting my children if all goes well. Life is what you make it and if you believe in your dreams life can be all you make it. Try to believe!
- Aimee Benfer
party in the snow
Clay how are you doing, the last time that you were in Devils Lake North Dakota I coulndn't make it out to the concert. I heard it was great, anyways that party we had in 2 feet of snow with a blazing fire in march of 2001 was awesome. I'm sure you remember it, you meet my X girlfriend at the cove resturant, and you and the band came over and we tore it up until like 5 in the morning that night. then you gave Alicia and I tickets to the show the next night, and we meet at the cove again and ate supper. Long story short I was hoping I could get in touch with you again, you gave us your email address and your bus number but Alicia ended up with it when we broke up. So if you could email me so we can get in touch again that would be great. I own a place down the road from where we partied at before, so still rocking it by the lake, also got married to a great gal, she would love to meet you. Well hope to hear from you soon, and I don't know if remember or not but we talked about you and your family coming up here in the summer sometime and hanging out for a few days, hope we can make that happen still. "take care" Casey
- Casey Wilhelmi
My dad and you might know each other!
My dad said he thinks he knows you. His name is Donald Raines and his mother is Judy Milstead, They lived in Vider, Texas. He siad you two went fishing together and you got a catfish stuck on your foot and my grandma had to pull it out. Please email me if this is true.
- Brittney Raines
Tong and Steph plus 8
I have known Tony since he was in the 3rd grade and I in the 6th. We grew up together but never dated. We shared each others pain and sorrow when he Tony lost his oldest brother to a heart attack at age 20. Tony's last words two hours before his brother passes were I hate you and I wish you were dead. Imagine what that would do to a kid. When Tony turned 21 he went his way and I went mine. I met a man whom I had a child with. He left me to do things on my own. I later married that same man on the hopes it would go well for the kids sake. While married to this man I end up with 5 kids. He was an abusive man who threw things, broke things, put you down to make you feel an inch tall. He did other stuff as well. I finally got up the nerve to leave the guy. I moved back into my moms house with 5 kids. My dad couldn't handle them much so I needed to do something quick. While searching the net Tony had found me again. As it turned out he moved back after having two kids and both of his parents dying. We talked for hours then decided we should get together. After my kids and I moved in with him I found out that my children all had special needs. Then we find out his kids did too. We wanted to have a child together and when we finally did baby Matthew was out of our lives as quick as he came into it. H e was born at 23 weeks 1 day due to a cord accident. Soon after we got pregnant again this time with a baby girl. Shortly after that we find out that our landlord isn't our landlord he had found an abandon home and changed the locks to make it his. We got thrown out of our house just before Christmas. My baby girl Mellany wanted to come out sooner than we thought. She came on Christmas eve two days after we had found a small 3 bedroom house to stay in. Tony, Mellany and I sleep in the living room so that all the kids have a bedroom to go to. On any given day I deal with my household duties, errands doctors appointment and therapists. My kids have Autism, ADHD, ADD, Bi-Polar, JRA, PTSD, Dyslexia, anger issues, kleptomania and schizophrenia. We have two kids at home and 6 at school. Tony is the only one working and he's part time right now. He lost his job back in November and it took him until the first week of January to find this part time job. Shortly after we find out that I have MS. What I though was labor pains and after pregnancy pains was the MS. I thought for sure Tony would bale on me. He took on all the kids with his disorder, goes to work, takes care of the house, and takes care of me. He said I would never leave you unless God called me to Heaven. I am so lucky to have a wonderful man in my life who loves me for me. We don't have money and we don't have what you may see as riches. Our riches are the love we have for each other, the love of our kids and the closeness we all have. We may not be able to go to a movie or take the kids to an amusement park but going to the park we can do and the kids understand that. The only problem we have that is hard for us to tackle is getting my wheelchair through our small home when I have bad days. We can handle the rest and God wouldn't have given us this challenge if he didn't think we could handle it. Thanks for reading my story and thanks to Clay for doing something to help MS. I wish more people would help weather you got MS or not. Stephanie
- Stephanie Clark
On Being Last Revisited
I am quite amazed! Clay Walker has played a part in my meeting the girl of my dreams. I know this sounds corny, but it is true. Shortly after I met Eva, on-line, I came across Clay Walker's song:"I Love To Be Your Last" and it expressed absolutely how I felt about her; even though we'd only just met. Sometimes you know instinctively, what is good and right. I introduced Eva to that song (as well as others, that we enjoy), and it became "our song". Clay's style of singing and the songs he picks put him at the top of my "all-time" list for country singers; and I had never heard of him before that song. Now to the amazing part of all this...unbeknown to me, Eva has written to you expressing her feelings about the impact of that song, as well. I got on-line to ask Clay a favor in his upcoming concert at Cotton Eyed Joes, in Knoxville on March 11th. It was on your website that I discovered that Eva had written her story. Yes, I was blown away! Clay, I would be honored if you called Eva out and played that song for her. It would mean everything to the both of us.
- Robert Lynch
Learning by the example.
I've followed Clay's career since his early days. I'm almost 40 now, but I was just starting out in college when he first hit the charts. My college room-mate's and I braved blizzards, rainstorms, and ran all over Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas if we had a shot at catching a Clay concert. I think I spent the entire first quarter of my senior year of college waking up to What's It To You, they had it in the circulation every morning when the alarm went off. It was a great way to start everyday. Life has had its ups and downs, but I look at Clay and the way he has persevered through everything, and how his music is just as great now as it was when he first came out. The same goes for his concerts. I can't wait to see you in Kansas City again. If he can face his trials and tribulations, and still push forward, why can't the rest of us. What's It To You?
- Amy
My daughters
My daughters and I have always been very close, and I feel I am the most blessed mother in the world. I am a single mother and worked hard to stay in touch with them through the changes normal children go through. I worked 12 hours a day for many years and noticed along the way that one thing always kept us connected, country music. Ten years ago, I woke up and could not move my legs. I was so frightened, everything running through my head from, I am dying, to who is going to take care of my beautiful daughters, they will be all alone! After exensive tests, I was diagnosed with MS. I have tried very hard to miss very little in my daughters lives due to this awful thing that has taken over our lives, my body. Of the few things I have missed was a concert that we all had looked so forward to seeing, "Clay Walker". I of course looked forward for a different reason than they did, but your music kept us together. The night of your concert was my first grand mal seizure from the MS. My daughters were so worried and I let them down so badly by not being able to take them to see this handsome young man that they would sing to on the radio and on their cd's. I have as of yet been able to travel to make that concert up to them! I recently found out you are coming to Manhattan, Ks, very close to where we live. I will be doing my best to get my daughters to that concert even if I am unable to attend! The connection that we have always had, in this day and age, them being teens and I with MS, is your music. I hope to finally be able to make this the night that I promised them years ago, when MS began to change our lives!! Thank you for who you are and all you do!!
- Kimberly
living with MS
I was diagnosed with MS 6 yrs ago. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. It was sohard to believe I had somehting that would affect me for the rest of my life. I have a wonderful husband, 2 greown children who live at home. Without them I don't know what I would've done. It was so hard to know I could not do the things I used to do. I am retiring on Friday after 23 yrs in the school system. I had the opportunity to retire 5 months early instead of waiting until September. I thought I should take this opportunity now. I can still walk and in 5 months you never know what will happen. I', having a hard time w/my legs now. I have relapsing remitting MS. Without the strenth of my family I would not have been able to get through this
- linda
I don't want to add any ho-hum to the site, but want to share my story. My husband has terminal Cancer. This is never an easy thing for the family to go through. My wonderful Husband has been a source of strength for the family. Then out of the blue, on January 15, 2010 we lost our only Son at the young age of 47 years old. He was a wonderful Son and person, always willing to help anyone. He never expected anything in return. My heart is broken, but I still have my Husband for now and two lovely Daughters. God must have really needed someone very special to have called my Son. Enjoy every moment you get to spend with your loved ones. Be Blessed, Louise Florida
unselfish Love
First off, God is Good. I have a friend that has a son that was born with MS, and he had it in a bad way, he was bed ridden and couldnt talk or anything . anyway she loved her little boy and was there with him always ,as he grew it got harder for her and she had to get lifts for him to put him in his wheelchair and bathe him. She would sleep with him so she could hear him breathe through the night, and it goes on and on. He died this year at the age of 29, it like to have killed her, Her faith is so strong now, she just got saved a month ago and she loves the Lord and is so blessed that he gave her Tony. She put her life on hold for the love of her child, thats what its all about.Love, just as Jesus is by our side always. In christ love, Irene Magee.
- Irene Magee
On Being the Last
I was divorced about a year ago now after 34 years of marriage. I never ever expected to find myself in this situation. I couldn't imagine trying to find someone after losing the person that I thought I would be with for the rest of my life. Friends talked me into going online and I met the most wonderful guy. I have been seeing him now for almost 8 months. We have so much in common and we really enjoy the times we have together. I think we could be one of those online success stories where the matching really does match. :-) He and I both love country music and Clay Walker is one of our favorite artists. One of the first things he (Rob) ever sent me was a Clay Walker CD and he told me to listen to I'd Love to Be Your Last. He said the words of the song said it all and that was how he felt even though we had known each other a short time. The words hit home for me, too, and I guess that I would hope he would be my last love,too. I know he makes me very, very happy and together we love and enjoy life. We will be at the Cotton Eyed Joe in Knoxville on March 11 and hope that we can hear Clay sing the song live. If we do take the next step, then our dance song will definitely be I'd Love to Be Your Last.
- Eva
I have MS
I got my letter from the doctor.I have MS now.I am scared I do not know much MS.Clay you are god send.I read peoples on here there stories.I hope me and my husband can work though this we have been throw alot worst.We meet when where 20 years old.I am now 40 we meet in church. He is my life and my world.I want to grow old with him. we dance our first dance at wedding to Clay walker we danced Next Step In Love. Love can get you throw anything that you throw. Clay are a true gift to others have MS incluing myself.If you can go throw this i know I can. I bought Clay's cd" A Few Quetions" and I listen to it word for word. I was listening to the song Jesus Is A Country Boy has insired me to make things right with my life but with god himself. My dream is to meet Clay and thank him personally for making his music and having his good values. Love clay's biggest fan kitrena.
- Kitrena
clay who?
i was visiting some friends in sour lake, ralph rutledge and his wife. who's name i want to say is joanne. they said something about going to a relative's house to visit and ask me if i would like to go. i agreed to go. we arrived at a house with cattle and really nice. a sweet lady greeted us. in her hand was a large picture frame with a gold record and gold cd framed in it. she said look what clay gave me. i looked at it with a puzzled look on my face and said nice. my daughter was with me and was all excited about it. but was distracted with a young man tending to a calf. clay's cousin. she wouldn't leave the young man alone. lol. in the mean time i looked at the rutledges and ask "Who's Clay", they laughed. they ask your kidding right? i said no, who is he? you see i am a rock-n-roll country girl. elvis, stones, etc.... they told me he's a country singer. they couldn't believe i had never heard of him. when i had gotten back home, i ask my 16 year old daughter if she ever heard of Clay Walker. "Yes, Why?" i was at his aunt's house. she said your lying. she doesn't believe me to this day that i was there or that i had never heard of him. well i know who he is now but that was a day i will never forget. my youngest daughter still has a crush on his cousin. the only thing to complete this would be to actually meet him.
- janet
Lunch in Franklin, TN
My wife and I are from Bakersfield, CA. We visited our daughter and son-in-law back in Nov. 2009. After church we celebrated their anniversary at a nice home restaurant in Franklin, TN. It was not your regular restaurant style place. We sat at a large table and shared from big bowls of food that were passed around. About 10 minutes after we sat down another family was seated next to us. To make a long story short , it was Clay Walker and his family. He,his wife, and kids were truely down to earth folk. Very quiet and humble. We all were very impressed. Gary and Dottie Anderson
- Gary Anderson
Challenge myself
Dear clay and fans, This song has always been an inspiration to me. I am a disabled veteran and for a while there I was extremely depressed and I slept a lot. I didn't want to do anything after I got out of the military. I stayed locked up and listened to music all of the time. One day I had the song on from the album and decided that it was time to make changes. I had outcast myself from the rest of the world. No friends, no family....nothing. But I took the step and got out there and began to get back into life again. There is always the Tim McGraw song live like you were dying, but it is nothing compared to live laugh love. Thats exactly what I did. I am now soon to be married to a wonderful woman who has been with me through this entire process almost since the day I walked back into the world. I have gotten a descent job now, and am more overall....just happier. Clay Walker was the first country concert I had ever seen back when his first album came out, and I have always and will always find a favorite with every song he ever comes out with. But more than anything, no matter what I go through as a disabled veteran, I will always live, laugh, and love. Thanks Clay! Many of my disabled veteran friends are huge fans too down in Texas and we all agree. Your friend, JON
- Jon S
Husband has MS
I have always been a huge Clay fan. Ive seen him everytime hes been at the rodeo and i've seen him at cynthia pavilian in the woodlands. Clay walkers music has touched me and been with me through out my life. Anytime times got hard ide throw on a clay cd and blast it through the house. I am now 22 and married to someone who has MS. My husband went into the army and got med boarded home after being in basic only a couple months. He fought to stay but god had other plans for him. We met about two years later and he was hesatent to tell me he has MS when he finaly told me he expected me to leave him. I didnt. The whole time we were dating my mom tried talking me out of being with him saying i didnt know what i was up against. Well 3 years later we are happily married. He does odd end jobs for his father because he can't feel his hands or fingers but he does the best he can. We have volunteered and raised money to do the MS walk along with my parents. It has been an amazing journey and every time i get down about it i think of Clay and how long he has lived with MS and is still going. Her has been a true insparation.
- Lauren
My Changed Life!
Hi Clay! I am 29 years old, and I was just diagnosed with MS. I woke up on a Saturday morning and both my legs were numb and it has progressed from there moving to my stomach and chest. I am one of the lucky ones though, because my neuroligist told me I have remitting MS. It was very scary when I found out because everything I thought would change. My career, I have been a Police Officer for 5 years, and my marriage, I had only been married for a little over a year. But with medication I have continued to work and my wife has been truly a blessing through everything, Love you Ashley,! Life did change though, after having a bad reaction at first to my MS medication and having symptons of "Bells Palsey" at Christmas, I was sick for almost two months in some form or fashion. I learned not to take things for granted and be thankfull for everything, including my health. I know that there are a lot people that have things harder than I do, but I just wanted to write to someome who knows exactly what I am going through!
- Scott
MS and more
Hi Clay as my title states you and I like so many others have so much in common. I live in Alberta, Canada a hot spot for MS. I was tentativly diagnosed when I was 13. At 18 I went numb from the chest down. I was admited to the hospital, after an extensive exam the Doctor told me "I'm 99% sure you have MS and after a CT he told me the same day I had a pituitary tumor that was pushing on my optic nerve. Talk about a bad day. That was nearly 20 years ago, I am now secondary progressive and with out treatment for my MS. I have had 16 neuro brain surgeries one for my tumor and the rest for complications ( severe cerebral spinal fluid leak) And v.p. shunts... long story. I still walk, I feel if I ignore my MS it will go away because of lack of attention. Well not really. I have had some very severe exacerbations where my husband was called at three in the morning because my neurologist thought I wouldn't make it past that time. You give all of us afflicted with this disease hope, I am so sorry for your diagnosis. I hope for all of us, especially the children that a cure is around the corner. Clay Thank you for everything that you do for MS. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl what a great Christmas gift. I would love to come and see you in concert and possibly meet you however I am in Alberta Canada and it's a long trip to the USA. Take Care Connie
- Connie Scheer-Foisy
My Awesome Life
Yes this song live laugh love has helped me my whole life. I am a 14 year old girl and i learned that you need to give more instead of recieving. I am a huge clay walker fan and everytime i get a new cd by him i buy the same one for my best friend brittany too. She is a big clay fan too. I talk to God every night and thank him for everything that i have recieved and i also say i hope to give more than i recieve. Thank you Clay for that awesome song of yours hope you release a whole lot more. I am going to become a country singer when i am about 21 because that is what God has for me in my future and i am very thankful for it. And to tell you the truth all of your songs have helped me. My boyfriend Braden has never liked country music and just like that song If I Could Make A Living, it makes him feel real special. Also that song One Two I Love You and especially Rumor Has It. But my most favorite is I Can't Sleep. Once again thank you for teaching me a lessong in that live laugh love song at such a young age. Love ya!!! See you in 7 years Linda
- Linda Hanks
Living My Life To The Fullest
I am a 16 year old girl with a condition called Curebral Palsy. This condition left me phyisically disabled. Eventhough I am disabled I have been able to do things that I thought I would never be able to do like playing basketball. The condition that I have makes it hard for me to do anything. That is until I met my gym coach Mr. Dan Bowser. He is the one that helps me through my difficult times. Because I cannot play basketball on an actual team my coach takes me out of my classes to help me. He and I have compititions twice a week. He helps me use my right arm because I cant use it without any help. If you ask me he is the world's best gym coach ever!!!!! When I graduate I do not know what I am going to do without him. He is always there when I need someone to talk to. He is so AWSOME!!!!!! He is a coach that I can trust. I can also tell him anything that is on my mind and he will either support it or he will help me through it.
- Elizabeth Rogers
LIving with MS
My husband was recently diagnosed with MS. With the signs and symptoms he was experiencing, we were both concerned, and hoped it wasn't a brain tumor or cancer. He went to the eye doctors and that is when he first heard it might be MS. His PCP wasn't sure and ordered up an MRI. With no conclusive results from the PCP, we set out to seek a second opinion and we are glad we did! Dr. Ross came into our lives and told us what he had: MS! and it's treatable with Betaseron, or at least it makes is manageable. We have researched and attended many seminars on MS. When I learned that Clay Walker had it to, I was sort of relieved because he was still singing, touring and functioning. In July of 2010, Clay will be performing at Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming, and I will be there volunteering with the ticket committee, along with my husband. His song: Live, Laugh, Love is truly an inspiration...if Clay can do it so can't we! When we found out my husband had MS and not cancer, a weight was lifted and we thought of LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE! We have also learned: Mark (my husband) has MS, it doesn't have him! Thank you Clay for your positive look on MS and your inspiration to everyone who has it! Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Cheyenne! Vicki and Mark
- Vicki Dill
I am a 44 year old young lady from southwest virginia in a small coalmining town called wise va. I was raised by my mother and grandparents in my grandparents two bedroom home wiht there 10 children also. My grandfather Kearney Boggs was someone that i always looked up to in many ways he taught me to love laugh and live through the tuff times i was going through at that time in my life. He gave me the best values of life to always appreciate the things you have not the things you want and to treat people the way you want to be treated but in all this time with him he gave me life and love and much laughter, we love the saying so much through the years that we came across a pillow with this saying on it and he loved it, so when he passed away we placed the pillow in with him at the funeral and we all have one in our homes plus wall hangings with it also they all say love much laugh often and live well. This has saying means so much to me because of him. Its my favorite memory of what i was taught by him growing up. Your grandparents can really inspire you to live and make life worth what it should be. I hope this story helps others to appreciate the people in there lives. Always love laugh and live each day. SHERRY BROWNING
- Sherry Browning
My Multiple Sclerosis
Dear Clay, I am writing this in hopes to help other MS suffers as myself battle the disease. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with progressive MS. I have about 35 lesions on my brain so my problems are mostly cognetive. I had tried many differant interferons the last of which made me severly depressed, suicidal and sick. I was so sick that I couldn't even get off of the couch! I had no quality of life. Between prayers and a wonderful doctor I stopped the injections and started vitamin and supplements treating the disease naturally. It has been 3 years now and I have not had a replapse or any progression. My neurologist is amazed and said although he is not happy that I am not taking a medicene that whatever I am doing is working so that I shouldn't stop. If you are interested in more information, you can contact me at lindaks@prodigy.net. Maybe we could set up a chat line. I had really hoped to write a book someday so other MS suffers could try what I am doing, I really would like to helpe others but I don't have the funds so I thought that I would just reach out to one person at a time starting with you! God Bless Always! Linda
- Linda Smith
Teaching my students to give
Hi Clay, My best friend, Doug played "The Chain of Love" many years ago to me. I really like the song because it has so much meaning. Well, I'm a high school math teacher, and every year on the day before Thanksgiving break, I play your song to all of my classes. I tell them how important it is to give thanks, and to give to others that are in need. I know math is important, but so are life lessons. Thanks for the inspirational song. Steve
- Steve Kurfess
Teva Conference 2009
Clay was gracious enough to do a stop over at the Teva Conference in Denver, CO this summer. Teva manufactures Copaxone, the drug therapy of choice like Clay, myself and many others take for our MS. I'm a peer advocate counselor for Teva and every year Teva brings us together from all across the country as a way of saying thank you for what we do voluntarily. I enjoyed seeing him and am thrilled he is doing so well. I've been extremely blessed with good health despite my MS. Don't know if he will remember, but I was the girl who gave a "shout out" when he asked if anyone went to school in South Park School District in Beamont, Tx. Please extend my best wishes to him for continued good health! Kindest thoughts, Deborah Bruening
- Deborah Bruening
The State Fair of Albuquerque in 2008
I really liked the concert you did at the State Fair in Albuquerque in 2008. I took my sister to it and she liked it a lot. I sent you a belt buckle in the mail. I asked a security guard to give you a rose. I would like to meet you some day when you come back to Albuquerque in concert. My mom would like to meet you also. How is McClay and Skye, your daughters? You are a very handsome man and a wonderful singer. I'll take you out to dinner when you are here. Please write back at my friends email listed above. Happy holidays to you and your family. I don't have a computer so a letter in the mail would be great to receive from you, Clay! Love from your fan, Molly Durante Molly Durante 2205 Ambassador Rd. NE #323 Albuquerque, NM. 87112 telephone 505-298-1299
- Molly Durante
The State Fair of Albuquerque in 2008
I really liked the concert you did at the State Fair in Albuquerque in 2008. I took my sister to it and she liked it a lot. I sent you a belt buckle in the mail. I asked a security guard to give you a rose. I would like to meet you some day when you come back to Albuquerque in concert. My mom would like to meet you also. How is McClay and Skye, your daughters? You are a very handsome man and a wonderful singer. I'll take you out to dinner when you are here. Please write back at my friends email listed above. Happy holidays to you and your family. I don't have a computer so a letter in the mail would be great to receive from you, Clay! I bought your new shirt at the concert and a keychain. I couldn't afford a picture of you because I didn't have enough money. Love from your fan, Molly Durante Molly Durante 2205 Ambassador Rd. NE #323 Albuquerque, NM. 87112 telephone 505-298-1299
- Molly Durante
On the road
Me n the ol'lady were scooting south on my Harley in Augest along the coast of Oregon. She starts smacking me in the back of the head to slow down as we are passing a couple of land yachts. I had to pull over get the camera out and catch back up to the coaches in question. Then she made me follow them for miles as she filled up my memory card with pics. She loves you! Here is a link to the first of many photos. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=115756&id=749845815#/photo.php?pid=2282170&id=749845815
- Jack Norton
I am amazed! I have been listening to your CD with "loving you against my will" and now you must be going through some very difficult times now that are unrelated (?) to this CD. I know it has been a while but the pain is there and it hurts; I hope you continue to grieve as needed. I wish you the best. Amy Tipton
- Amy
Living with MS
I am 36 years old and have been living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for at least 8 years. In 2002, I had lost the vision in my left eye. Thank God it came back. Then, I lost my job and my abilty to hold one. My constant fatigue was, and is, a great challenge. Especially being a single mother with NO help from the father. Two years ago vertigo set in. It was a doozie! This past month, I have lost the vision in my right eye. Trips back and forth to the ER, neurologists, spinal taps, MRIs, and numerous other tests. I was finally given the diagnosis this past week. Bitter sweet. Glad to know what I have, but sad to have it. I went to your last benefit concert in Austin at Graham Central Station in 2007 (I think, trouble with memory). I was feeling great at the time. GREAT CONCERT!!! I listened to the story you told on stage and was inspired. I did not know you had MS. I don't know how you have suffered, but I know you have. Like your song I plan to "Live,Laugh,Love" despite my illness. Thank you for going public. Wish I could get to talk with you. I know it's silly. You have no time, or connection to me. But if you think about it... we do. Our fight has just begun. I will keep you in my prayers! Sincerely, Melissa Medina
- Melissa Medina
Disney Meeting With Clay
I met Clay about 5 years ago at Disney Land in California. There was a MS program, one of the MS Drug companies sponsored and Clay Walker the entertainment. The Drug company chose 10 of us out of about 400 to meet with him in a separate room before the program started. I was lucky enough to be one of those 10 people with MS able to sit and talk to Clay one on one and have my picture taken with him. We talked for a while then he asked me to talk to this one woman he had spoken with a few minutes before. Clay brought me over to a woman, obviously having difficulty dealing with her diagnosis, and asked me to tell her about my experience with MS and aquatics. It felt good I was able to reach out and hopefully make someones life better. Wait, the best part of the night is yet to come. While on stage Clay was telling his story and he mentioned he always gets inspired by someone he meets before his talks. He used an example from a story I had told him about aquatics and MS. I had never felt so proud that I had inspired someone like Clay Walker. I will always cherish the time we spent talking, the photo and how special he made me feel. Clay Walker inspired me so much that night I became Volunteer of the year for that Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I am now training for the US Paralympic Swimming Team and continue helping those of us with MS how to make life easier by being in the water. There will never be enough words to say "Thank You". I am sure I will see you again. Until then, stay well and keep laughing- you are my inspiration.
- Sandi
Found love of my life at your concert
I attended your concert on October 11, 2008 at the Kiowa Casino, Devol, OK. I have been to several of your concerts and love ALL your music. I sat down and started making small talk about the weather and such with man down from me. He moved closer, didn't even know who you were...just had free ticket and killing time. Of course, I gave him a hard time about all of it. We talked, laughed and really enjoyed your concert...he found he really loved you too. He had lost his wife to lung cancer almost 2 years after being married for 53 years. I had been single since 1994. We really hit it off and have been together ever since. It was whirlwind romance...I finally found the love of my life. We were married on Valentne's Day, 2009. Our wedding was quite unusual at the Henrietta jail with the judge, but with his 5 children and my 3, plus couple friends...we had to go to the hallway (in front of women's bathroom)...then the dinner/reception was at the Jolly Truck stop. How could you ever redo that? I lived in Oklahoma and he lived in Texas, so we had to commute 70 miles each week. After we married, he came to see me every other day and I went down to Texas on weekends. I retired on June 1 and he moved me to Texas on June 3. Boy was that a trip. I had all his things and mine to do something with...what a job. I married into a wonderful family that has accepted me with open arms. We are so happy, enjoying life and retirement, going on trips and just having fun with each other. It would not have happened without your concert....thank you, thank you! Keep singing and playing your beautiful music and most of all..keep your health. Ruth & Dan Deason
- Ruth Deason
You Inspire me & so many others!
I can honestly say I'm not a huge country music fan (I know...I'm sorry) however I do like many songs & artists. I have been following Clay online for a few years to see how he's doing....I too have M.S. & was diagnosed 9 years ago. Anytime someone gets diagnosed with a disease & the doctors tell them "there is no cure". Your heart sinks and you feel dispair as those words become a part of your life. I've danced my whole life....it's my passion. I owned a studio when I was diagnosed & being in a wheelchair was my biggest fear, the thought of not being able to dance again scared me. I wanted to have another child and couldn't be on medication. The process took many years, but I was blessed with a daughter after my diagnosis & already had a terrific son. To be honest I have a fear of medication & I have copaxone in my fridge right now that I'm not taking. I have started a new medication that many don't know about called prokarin & it works very well for me. I'm the type of person who needs to be inspired. If we look at or think of other people with M.S. is always the worst case senerio that comes to mind for most people. I find it easier to live with the disease knowing there are people out there who continue to live their lives as the did before M.S. Although I realize for some people this is not possible as this disease can take hold very fast. My heart goes out to anyone struggling with any disease. When I found Clay he was my inspiration & he still is! He is strong & enthusiastic & continues to live his dream. I moved to Texas with my family 2 years ago. We live in a small town & there is no dance studio or program for kids. I teamed up with the city to offer classes, just three months ago. So I too am living my dream...the love of dance & teaching children who might not have had the opportunity to experience dance. I went to Billy Bob's on 9/12/09 to see him in concert & was blown away!! You'd never guess he as M.S. What energy & a great performer!! I didn't get to met him as I would have loved to....maybe oneday? I just hope you know clay that you are such and inspiration to me and so many others living with M.S. God Bless you always & keep up the good work!!! Amanda
- Amanda

I got to see Clay Walking this summer At our county fair in Yreka Cal. He was amazing. I was about 3 feet away from Clay Walker... He is an inspiration to us all with all he has gone through.. Was so glad he came back to sing for us this yr because last yr he was supose to but his wife had there child.. congrats.... The one thing if i could have said anything to him was he looks just like one of my best best friends who past away a few yrs back .. it is uncanny how much they look alike... Chris past away at such a young age and it about killed me to.. so seeing Clay Walker brought back so many wonderful memories... THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART... You made me think of all the good times him and i had together again thank you .. I wish you all the luck with all that you are doing and cant wait to see you down the road ... Thank you again Yvonne Payne ( In dedication to my best friend Chris C)

- Yvonne
The Chain Of Love
i'm 18 and have a girlfriend and didn't let the The Chain Of Love end with me
- shane ellis
Billy Bobs
Met Clay back stage last night with my cousin Jerrod. He is a real nice guy puts on a good show. Enjoyed every minute of it. Would like to thank Dale for gitting us back so we could met him. Hope you get to feeling better Clay. Even with a sore throat he put on a heck of a good show. Will always go see him when he is here. See you next time Clay take care.
- Ronnie Redden
My Wounded hanWarrior
Friday, September 11, 2009. I am in Ft.Sam Houston, Texas with my 'wounded warrior' son Alex. He was medevaced out of Iraq on May 28, 2009 with a brain tumor. They did surgery on June 24, 2009, at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Alex has Anaplastic Astrocytoma, Grade III. It is a very aggressive form of cancer that remains incurable. ALEX IS 25 YEARS OLD AND FOUGHT 2 TOURS IN IRAQ. Now he's come back to home to fight this battle. I have spent everyday with him since July 4, 2009. I have 3 other children back home in Virginia, but Alex needs me here. I am not going back until well.... I don't know when. Clay Walker - Live, Laugh & Love really is true. It seems like we get caught up in the rat race called life and forget what is truly important. God, family, love, and happiness. I believe that if it is God's will to heal Alex that he will; if not, what choice do I have but to let him go? It's a very sad feeling even if you know your child will rise to the heavens above. I pray that I do not have to let him go and for God to have mercy on my son! Tonight we are coming to the Cowboys Dancehall in San Antonio to see you in concert. Alex knows that I love your music and that it makes me happy. This is a gift from my son. Please pray for Alex Armbrust!!!! Along with thousands of other soldiers, he has fought for our freedom! Thanks Sincerely, Mary Abele
- Mary K. Abele
seeing the light through the dark
My name is caitlin i am fifteen years old and live, laugh, love has helped me in the past few years.Unlike most of the other writers i dont have MS but i believe this story is still worth telling. When live, laugh, love came out my mom, two sisters, and i were living with my father. My father was an extreme alchohol abusier and before that a drug abusier, and after a few months of being dependent on the alchohol became mentaly and Physicaly abusive towards my sisters, mother and I. Thats when i turned to music for refuge but even so, at one point I contimplated many things including running away, from home and dropping out of school at one point I started to but came back because I couldn't leave my mom, sisters, and friends and started having panick attacks in the out of nowhere and cried when no one was looking. The reason I love your song is because it shows even through tough times there is always some kind of light. When I was dealing with my abuse I always believe things would get better and the did just not as calmly as we expected. I guess life just works that way huh? The last day of school two years ago was the scariest day of my life but the best one too. I'm out of an abusive household and my grades are the best they have ever been. I don't think I ever would have made it this far if i hadn't tried to find some kind of rescue in music. Thank you so much and Thank god for giving me the ability to see the silver lining.
- caitlin membrino
Live Everday To The Fullest
Ok...most people who know me or know of me know that I am a HUGE Clay Walker fan and that I love and adore him and that I've been wanting to meet him for years!Well.. I finally got my chance June 10th 2009 at the FAM Club party..what a dream come true!! Clay was such a sweetheart and I told myself when I met him I was going to ask him for a hug because RUMOR HAS IT..his hugs are the best BUT I was in such shock from meeting him I forgot to ask him for a hug LOL! I would LOVE the chance to meet him again and give him a hug and thank him for being such an inspiration to me and many others Anyways.. I have been a Clay Walker fan for 16 years...I am 32 almost 33,now thats a LONG time!!.Ever since I first heard "What's It To You?" I was hooked so.... I decided to go buy his CD and then another until I had every single Clay Walker CD!Well after being a fan for 16 years...I FINALLY got my chance to see Clay in concert March 6th 2009.. and it was the best night of my life..he was amazing!!! I couldn't believe I was actually seeing CLAY WALKER..it was just an incredible feeling.I know Clay performs a lot at Cowboy but I never got the chance to see him until this year! It was either I had no one to go with or I got sick! I am going to be seeing him again September 11th and I am SO excited!! Ok..here is my story! All my life I have been pushed around and bullied because I was and still am smaller than other girls (women) my age.. but what people didn't know and probably still don't know is that I had a heart defect that could have killed me if I didnt get it fixed. I found out about my heart when I was 13 and had to have surgery to fix what was wrong with it! Now I have been through hell in my life...besides finding out I had heart problems..I found out I couldn't have babies of my own.To a 16 year old ..finding out you can't have babies really hits ya hard. Then when I was 26 I suffered a minor stroke do to a dr's negligence and that was the scariest thing besides having heart surgery to happen to me!! Ever since then I have suffered from depression and when I feel like I have nothing to live for Clay is always "there" with me..through his music! She makes me realize that my life is worth living and not to give up! Things in my life aren't that great these days either..I am now dealing with having Rheumatoid arthritis...which is very painful! Last Mothers Day I slipped outside and broke me Femur bone and had to have surgery and I could've died then also! There are mornings that I am in sooo much pain that I can't even get out of bed and then I hear "Live Until I Die" playin' in my head and it gives me the strength to get out of bed and face the day!.One verse that stays with me is "I don´t worry ´bout things that I can´t change"! That's what Clay has taught me! He is one of my hero's because I know that dealing with having MS can't be easy but he makes me feel that no matter how bad things are they can can always be worse!! If it hadn't been for Clay Walker I honestly don't believe I would be here today! Now I live EVERY day to the fullest and I am thankful for ALL the good things in my life! Thank you Clay from the bottom of my heart!! ~Love and Blessings~ Tonya Cook San Antonio Texas
- Tonya Cook
That Is What It Is All About
Live, Laugh, Love, that is what it is all about. Unfortunately, I cannot honestly say Clay Walker touched me with this. This is something I have learned over the past six years. I’ve experienced many tragedies and misfortunes over these years and will not succumb to being brought down. I am Living, Laughing, and Loving every day. This song goes along with the plaques I recently put on my living room wall and reiterates the importance of the meaning. Here is my story… I had a very dear friend that I grew up with and remained her friend for the 35 short years of her life. When she passed, it wasn’t an unexpected death, for she had cystic fibrosis. In the earlier years of her life, the doctors predicted she would not live past the age of 13. Well the 13 years came and went and then doctors moved her life expectancy to be 20 years. Twenty years came and went and she was still living strong; Living the American Dream. However, after 35 years of fighting cystic fibrosis she lost the battle. I was heartbroken; my best friend is no longer there for me. I moped and cried for weeks. The first two weeks after she passed, I would lay on the couch with the TV on staring at it blankly. Why did my friend have to go away? A year later, my parents received a call from their son-in-law. My sister was in the hospital because of a brain aneurism. She had two veins weeping and needed immediate surgery. The surgeons operated but unfortunately she lost the fight and passed away. She was the first to pass from the seven of us children. What a heart wrenching feeling of emptiness. Three months later my oldest brother was turning the big 50! I convinced my three sisters and one brother we needed to have a surprise party. So we did. Neighbors, friends, and family showed, a fantastic turn-out. One of my aunt’s declined, but decided to show after all. We hadn’t seen her in years. She was so happy to see us all and made it a point to find us in the crowd of 80-90 people. While talking to her brother and sisters, she mentioned the poetry she finally had published. She was proud of herself for this accomplishment. She went to her car to get her book of poetry and then and there she dropped dead from a massive heart attack. I understand if you are reading this right now, you may be getting the impression I am expressing this nonchalantly. This is not at all the case. I think of what happened and what a better way to die. Having your family around you, living, laughing and loving minutes before it is time to go. Four months after the party another tragedy. My family owns and runs a lumber mill. My brother who we had the party for was the operator of the mill and a sudden thunderstorm appeared. Unfortunately there was a strike to the mill and we believe he was electrocuted in the control cage. One of the hydraulic motors was fully engaged resulting for a fire to break out. A large, hot fast burning fire was the result of his demise. What a devastating tough year for our family mostly for my parents. Losing two children within months of each other has to be difficult to understand. We all believe we are to pass on before our children not after. After the funeral and accepting the understanding of life continues, regardless of what difficult realities we face from day to day, I realized life is short. There are no guarantees of a tomorrow. It’s about enjoying the moments that make one happy, living, laughing and loving. So today, here I am. Now divorced (after 19 years of marriage), unemployed (after 17 years with the same company), and struggling to make ends meet. But reality of it all is I have friends I enjoy spending time with, I find humor in everyday occurrences and I have three beautiful children I am very proud of. Every day I Live, Laugh and Love! And if I get overwhelmed, I play Clay Walker’s song. Thank you Clay!
- TJ
Welcome To My Funeral Party
I moved to Tucson, Arizona back in 1992 and started work here as a blind rehabilitaton specialist. In 1993 I went to see an optometrist to have my eyes examed. I had some trouble with the eye tests and the optometrist referred me to see an opto-neurologist. The opto-neurologist examined me and told me that he could find nothing wrong. Meanwhile, I was also having trouble with my balance and my mother started saying that I was walking like a druken sailor. In 1997, after having changed my primary doctor, I went to see my new doctor with compaints that I had been falling and showed the physical bruises that occurred during 2 seperate falls. I just wanted to know what was wrong with me. After seeing my bruises, my doctor sent me, that dey, for an MRI (at the time I didn't realize that he had put my falls together with my story about the Optometrist and thought that I might have MS). He made my next appointment for the following day to give me the results of the MRI. The following day I returned to see my doctor and he told me that he suspected that I had Multiple Sclerosis and that he had made an appointment for me to see a neurologist the following day. After leaving my doctor's office I went home, called my best friend and we bawled, and bawled, and bawled. Pretty soon our bawling turned into laughter. I guess I called it a funeral party because the crying and laughing with my friend allowed me to "bury" the person I used to be and "give birth" to the person I was becoming. That "birth" has allowed me to search for everything I could on MS, purchase the products that would assist me to remain independent (like a 3-wheel scooter, a rollater 3-wheel walker, a grabber, and ZoomText) ZoomText is a software program that enlarges the text on my computer screen up to 16 times. I've never had to enlarge my text above 4 times. My scooter allows me to independently travel from my apartment to the dining hall and remaining independent doing it. My walker allows me to travel from my bed to my bathroom without fear of falling. My grabber allows me to get my laundry out of the drier and to check to make sure I haven't missed anything. And finally, ZoomText allows me to continue being a computer user and to write this. The federal government (for whom I was working) granted me early retirement based on my disability and I'm now living in an independent/assistive living apartment complex. I'm classified as independent based on the fact that I'm not considered a fall risk. The funeral party that I had has allowed me to accept very quickly what is happening to me health wise and move on rather then trying to ignore it or pretend it isn't happening. I'ved said that "MS was not on my list of things to do, but since I have it, it's now on my list of things to have. Interestingly enough, I've met folks recently that say to me that they can't believe how well I'm doing. I realize that there may be more "funeral parties" in my future but I can only appreciate the process and acknowledge the truth.
- Sue Story
Living Life
My story begins when I married my husband in 1995 after 7 years of dating (he was commitment shy). He is the love of my life!! Nine months after we were married he had a massive heart attack at the age of 34. We celebrated our 1st anniversary in the hospital-it was 6 months before he went home. I stood by his side every night praying he would survive, and God heard & answered my prayers. When he finally came home I started having strange things happening to me. My body went numb from the waist down, I had tingling run down my arms & had a hard time trying to find my brake pedal was when I was driving. I thought I had piched a nerve somehow.When I finally went to my PC doctor, he said I needed a MRI. I thought, he thought, I might have had a stroke due to the stress I was going through & I was not worried about that. By this time it was near Thanksgiving & I had went and got the MRI. One day when I was at work I got the phone call from the doctor with the results of the test. I thought since he was calling me it would be good news. I said "okay doc give me some news to be thankful about", and he said "it was not good news but it was not bad news, you have MS" I said "WHAT!" and he begin to explain that I had lesions on my brain & spinal cord which suggests MS, I want you to see a neurologist. I still was not worried about this because it was suppose to be a pinched nerve. When i arrived at the neurologist's office I noticed a pamplet about MS with Clay walker's picture on it. He had been diagnose with it a few years earlier. I said to my self then if this is what I have then I can get though it (after seeing how Clay had dealt with it). The doctor ordered another MRI, this time with a dye being injected into an IV. The results were the same, he said you have MS. I was still in denial at this point and I said to myself they have this all wrong, so I made an appointment with a MS specialist. It was about a 4 month wait before I could get in, when I did see him it was the same result-You have MS. This is when I said "this is three stikes & I'm out" I have been to three doctors all saying I have MS. I went home & started to cry. When I finally stopped a few days later I decided God gave me this for what-ever reason what was I going to do with it. I decided then I would do the best I could with what I had. I started doing the MS walks, since I could'nt ride 150 miles (from Houston to Austin) and since then I have raised about $20,000.00 for MS research. Remeber me telling you earlier about the problem (in the story) with my brake pedal? I work with engineer's at an oil company and he & I designed a bar to be put on the brake so I could side my foot over, feel the petal & stop the car. Now I need to find something for this to become mobile with what ever car I'm driving, as it stands now i can only drive my car. So you see when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. i can sit at home and feel sorry for myself or I can go out and enjoy life. Life is about living not surviving. I just came back from a trip to my sister's in Tennessee. We went through a cave in Kentucky, saw the Parthanon in Nashville, went to the country music hall of fame musemum, went to the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, went to the amish country in Ethridge, fishing in Winchester, white water rafting in Pigeon Forge & fed a baby grizzly bear in the Cherokee mountains. Guys that's living!!! I don't know how long I will be able to walk by myself, so I have started scratching off the list of things to do in my life, on my bucket list. So what's on your bucket list?
- T. Koumonduros
MS Therapy
I've been a big Clay Walker fan ever since High School, but this story hits a few years after getting married. I was diagnosed with MS at age 27, I decided this was the time to really start my life. My husband and I had a baby girl nine months later. When she was 3 months old, I decided it was time to start taking Copaxone to keep up with her. With the help of my friend, Kim Morell(TEVA Neuroscience) and Shared Solutions, I was taught how to give my own injections. Taking those injections were difficult in beginning, so I found Live, Laugh, Love to get me through. When I had my medicine out to take, the headphones would come on and the music would start. Now when Clay comes to Houston, TX I have to go to the show, and what an awesome show it is. My now 8 year old baby girl is a big fan too. I guess you could just call me a "Walker Stalker". Thank you Clay for the inspiration to live, laugh, and love with my MS.
- Amanda, Sugar Land, TX
thanks for being such an Inspiration!
I heard you speak about 4 years ago at a patient program in Oklahoma City. I heard you speak again in July at a forum in Denver. The first time I heard you speak, I woke up the next morning and felt I could do anything, despite living with MS. Thank you so much for all you do to bring attention to this often devastating illness. We would love for you to come to Tulsa and bike in the Oklahoma Bike MS ride. The invitation is always open.
- Mary
lil franky Please read
I really got to see my Grandson (lil franky) really having a lot of fun dancing at your concert , He really had a great time although he could not make it on stage , but he tried ,He danced almost the entire show of one hour and forty five min. See he has down syndrome , and it is so great that you touch the live's of so many people , If ever a chance I would give anything for him to get a picture with you, again thank's Kenneth Sparks , Tillamook , Oregon
- Kenneth Sparks
I am 50 now and was diagnosed back in 93. I use to be a workaholic and just loved being in the mix of life. Well know even though I work my employers are wanting me to quit because they feel I am unable to do my job anymore.Which is untrue. I believe they don't like the inconvenience it cause's them when I have an episode.I have gotten to the point of wanting to do so just to enjoy my life the best I can with my family with that street of my life gone. Friends kind of disappear once you are not feeling as well as before, which has happened to me.I listen to Clay's music and it really does make a difference in my life. I feel for those moments happier and loved.It is amazing how he was able to carry on with his life after being diagnosed. So take those few moments of your life and relax. Being here in the south makes it really hard to enjoy the summer. Some day I hope to have a pool so I can have a life in the summer.Some think wanting a pool is only a luxury thing. Well I have news for them..,sometimes it helps others to have a life of some kind in their world. I think more about how M.S. and everyday living needs to be in the spotlight. So people don't prejudge.
- Alison Rae Buchanan
Lived Laughed Loved
This story is about my son his name was Gage. In October - Novemeber of 1999 I took my wife and two kids to their first Clay Walker concert . It was at Lloyd Noble Arena in Norman Oklahome.. What a great show. I have always been a huge fan of Clay since his first hit Whats it to You. In turn my children loved hearing his music and singing along with me in the truck or at the house. Gage and josh would both ask me all the time to take me to a show, so when Clay came to Oklahoma about 50 miles from where I live we decided to make the trip. It was an amazing show Clay sang all of his hits, Live Laugh Love was his current single and by far my favorite song of his. Gage and josh had so much fun that night smiling and singing along to every song It was a great memory and something I will cherish for the rest of my life. In december of that same year we suffered a house fire in the middle of the night and Gage did not make it out. He was only five years old. He was an amazing child full of life and love and laughter. He made me a better man and a better father. After I got out of the hospital we went to the house for the first time and it was a total loss. There were a few things that we managed to salvage one of them being the picture from that concert that we had taken of Gage. As we thought about his service we thought about how much he loved Clay and the song Live Laugh love and so we wanted to celebrate his life so we made a powerpoint of him Living, Laughing, and Loving to share with everyone. About 6 months later I had relocated to Midland Texas and catered an event that Clay happened to be performing at and I got to meet him and tell him my story and show him the pictures. He was so kind and gracious to my wife and I. We were overwhelmed by his kindness. I have seen Clay many times since and have heard him sing that song many times and I hope he remembers this story and knows how much he has touched Gage and my family though his song. There is not a day that goes by that I dont listen to that song and everytime I do I smile and shed a tear for Gage. His personality embodied that song so his headstone reads "Lived, Laughed, Loved" We miss him so much but are so grateful for the memories.
- Shawn
does ms affect your life like this
well it started off i was working 12 hour shifts have a great hubby and 1 kid thats not his well i started doing some strange things like poleing my hubby in the cheast and asking where harold is and just calling his name and he would be right there and getting lost driving and yes every1 thought i was on drugs....well after 5 hospitals then found that i have RRMS. well after that my kid left me to go live with her real dad that didnt have nothing to do with her much for 12 years she didnt even call him dad she hardley contacts me now. and as far as friends i dont have to many that still talk to me i guess they think MS is catchy, i have a great hubby and inlaws my real famly is terrible. im 33 now i was DX at 30
- Kerri Neighbors
Music got me through a tough time
My name is Tammy. My story is about music getting me through a tough time in my life. My daughter Rebecca (Becky) was born in 2005,with some serious problems. The doctor's said she might not make through the first 24 hour's. Rebecca made through for six month's. When she passed on it was a very hard thing for me to go through. On the way to the hospital I put A few question's. That song helped me on my way to the hospital. After that day in March 2006 I was in a fog. Clay your music helped through that sad time in my life. Your music was all I listened to that entire time. It really helped me cope with the loss of my daughter. Now I play your cd's for my little six month old daughter Kelly. She fall's asleep to your music every night. Thank you Clay for the music you put out. You helped through the roughest time in my life. Tammy Vreatt Watertown,NY
- Tammy Vreatt
clay touch my heart

my name is alfred clay touch my heart with his music i just love clay songs very much.i been a fan of clay over 15 years now. I want clay to know how much i love him.clay been over look in county music for so long now.clay knows his fans love him and support him.i live in norwalk conn.i hope clay do a show in norwalk conn my home town.i love to meet my fav county star in person.i love to meet clay and tell him how much he mean to me.your fan alfred

- alfred
I wanted to thank Clay for being such an inspiration to me and making an impact on my life. I started listening to Clay when I was in high school and I am 31 now. I used his song, White Palace, to try out for drill team and I have been to almost every concert in Dallas/Ft.Worth since the beginning. I have a 21 month old daughter named Skylar, which I remembered that he had a daughter named Skylor and I loved the name when I heard it back then. We found out this year that my mom had a problem with her spine that was impairing her movement. I just found out recently that I have degenerative joint disease which causes me a lot of pain and it is similar to what my mom has. We found out it can run in the family. We are both going through therapy now. I just keep remembering that Clay has been through things too and he is my inspiration to not give up and work hard to fight my disease. I just hope that one day I can tell Clay thank you in person for the impact he has made on my life.
- Jennifer Green
I am 25 years old now and I have been listening to Clay Walker's music for my whole life. I first listened to your first cd with my sister when I was young. I remember when I was in fourth grade and my sister (Stevie Jo) picked me up after school and she had Melrose Avenue Cinema Two cranked on the stereo, we made up a little dance and had the greatest time. I remember going to a Clay Walker concert with her in Spokane Washington, we had the beat time ever. My sister ended up dying in 1999 of a brain annuerism suddenly, that was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with ever. Everytime I hear Clay Walker I think of my sister, everytime I'm havin a rough day feelin sad about my did I pop in a Clay cd and instantly life is good. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your music, it has helped me tremendously, it makes me happy to think of all the great tines I had with my sister listening to your music and goin to your concerts. It helps me remember life is great and love is great too, and that life is so precious. Live,Laugh,Love is the motto I live by and recomend to everyone. After my sister died my mother was diagnosed with M.S. she is doing good and has a pretty mild case but it's still scary.so I also want to thank Clay for supporting everyone who is dealing with M.S. he has been such an inspiration to my family and many many other people also. I just want to say how much Clay Walker has been an inspiration in my life and thank him for his great music and having such a big heart.
- Bo Wiley
living, laughing, and loving... finally...
Hi, I've been a Clay Walker fan since you opened for Sawyer Brown and sang, "Suspicious Minds". Not everyone can sing Elvis, and I'm an Elvis fan, but you sang it, and I became a Clay fan immediately. I've always lived my life trying to make everyone else around me happy, doing things the way they should be done. I thought as long as they were happy, I'd be happy. It was mostly true, because I'm happy seeing other people happy. Then things started going wrong in my life - among the top things were my best friend and father passing away, and then a divorce from a man I was supposed to be with my entire life, leaving me not really able to trust in anyone, especially men. Country music really makes the tough times a little more troublesome, because every song is sung about you and what you're going through. Still, I kept listening. I had a friend at work, who was always there for me - he was a man that I actually trusted, and I thought this unbelievable. We became best friends, and he never used to listen to country music, until me. The first concert he took me to was in Huntington, WV. He drove me up there from Charlotte, NC, to see Clay Walker. It was going to be outdoors, and then I heard due to weather, it was cancelled. That's what he told me, then said it was moved into the indoor arena, where seats would be first come first serve. He walked into a hotel nearby to check on a room, and came back having talked to a band member and got us onto the floor with tickets. I was shaking like a leaf, I thought he was going to have Clay walking out with him next. It was the best concert! We both enjoyed it. Through the years, we've become even closer, and he's always seemed to come through for me. I don't know how - it's like he was sent here just for me. I've never experienced life, laughter, or love the way I do with him. I never realized what it means to be truly happy in my own life. When I thought I'd never get married again, I told everyone I'd run away to Vegas to be married in an Elvis chapel, and then honeymoon in Hawaii. I just knew that all this man had gone through, he'd never be married again. I didn't care. I loved him, and that was enough. He asked me to go to Vegas on July 1st, 2009. I was surprised, and even shocked. Now we just have to find the right time for the kids to all be there. We're waiting on his son, who is in the Navy and spends a lot of time at sea. We need him home so him and his wife can be there, then his daughter and my son are a little easier to plan around. I took two weekends off this year where we were supposed to plan somewhere to go, one the last weekend in September and the other the first weekend in December. I was just scrolling through tour dates, and who is in Las Vegas on December 4th and 5th? CLAY WALKER (Elvis is always there)! It would be wonderful it we could get all the kids in Vegas, and see a Clay concert before we got married. It probably will be next year before we get the kids there though. It's just a nice little coincidence that one of the weekends I'm off, Clay is in Vegas! He should sing me into the next stage of our relationship! That's OK, just keep singing, and we'll at least meet up on the radio! Let that beautiful voice keep inspiring country music lovers everywhere!
- Donna
My Husband
Hi my name is Kim Simonsen i live in Union Grove Wisconsin My husband was diagnosed with M.s. 5 years ago he is now in a wheel chair and i give him copazone shots every day. He has a half a heart and is on 32 pills a day he is 45. I did the M.S walk for him and walked over 7 miles. Before we found out that he had M.S. I seen on T.V. about Montel Williams having M.S. and they wanted people to write a poem on M.S.. So one night i sat down at my computer and just wrote a poem on M.S. i sent it in to Montel and they picked my poem out of thousands of people. i ended up getting a copy write on it. It was called Dont Fear Always Looking For a Cure. I was just amazed. Then we found out that my husband had M.S. that was kind of spooky. But you know he never leaves his M.S. bother him. He would give his shirt off his back and his last dollar to anybody. Our favorite singer is Clay walker. He has a wonderful gift and is so blessed. I would love to send my poem to you I read it at the M.S. walk to over 600 people and they put my poem in all there gift bags. i dont have much to say but i can say that my husband is just Blessed to be here with his family and gransbabies. thank you Kim Simonsenl
- Kim Simonsen
I do not care who you are thats funny!
Driving home from our vacation get away in the car with two kids not wanting to leave for the real world & me not wanting to listen to them argue all the way home dreading the drive home......from a distance I saw a Tour Bus that immediately was familiar to me i perked up a bit got the kids attention and maybe was a 40 year old stalker for a half a minute :) It was a dream come true cause we always kid with each other "maybe while we are here we will run into Clay Walker" or I swear I just saw Clay Walker at the store....not really but just ribbing each other for a laugh........Never, ever thinking it would really happen but...Low and Behold we did (in a round about way).....All I want to say is Thank You for taking a few minutes away from your family to allow us to say Hello and to Thank you for all the fun we have had going to your concerts around Houston - My kids were thrilled I took a chance and said Hello and I can check an item off my Bucket List now- cause I really did get to meet you. Thanks for a vaction memory we will NEVER forget! Lisa, Chance & Kalin Baker
- Lisa Baker
Miracles Do Happen!
Laura Trenor
Date: July 14, 2009
Miracles Do Happpen!!

Hi! My name is Laura Trenor and I'm from the small town of West Point, Mississippi. I am a student at Mississippi University for Women located in Columbus, Mississippi. I am 21 years old, and I love my FAMILY (#1), my wonderful friends, my job (working with children), sports, and last but CERTAINLY not least, COUNTRY MUSIC!.

My story can be important to some, but not so important to others. I think for all country music fans, we take interest in this music because it tells a story. It tells life like it is, including the ups and downs that people go through in life. I have been through many ups and downs in my life. When I was born, experienced some heart problems. I was born with an opening in the aorta of my heart. I had four surgeries within the first two years of my life beginning with Open Heart Surgery at just under two weeks old! My family was told by the doctors that I had a 3% chance that the opening would fully close after surgery. Well, it did, and I'm alive and well.(I just had to go back to my cardiologist once every three years for check-ups!) This is the biggest miracle that God has given me, the gift of life! I thank God each and every day for giving me another day to live! After having some complications during my Senior year of High School, I was a little bit worried. I was playing tennis with a friend, and I had a dizzy spell, which knowing me, I thought I just got too hot and needed to cool down. Well, the next week after moving my check up date to as early as possible, I headed back to my Cardiologist. After doing some tests, an EKG (Electrocardiogram), an Echocardiogram, and several other things, The doctors told my parents and me that I had a leakage in a valve that goes to my heart. I was crushed. I had participated in sports all my life, and now I was unable to do anything active. (no running, tennis, basketball, softball, swimming, basically everything I loved to do). Lucky for me, this happened as soon as basketball season had ended, so I was able to finish out my Senior year playing basketball. Little did I know, This all developed while I was playing all of these sports. After all of this, I had to go back for check ups once every SIX MONTHS rather than evrey THREE YEARS. The next several times I went back, the opening kept closing up more and more. I now only have to go back once every year. In my hopes and prayers, I can continue to live a normal, active life from now on!

Clay Walker, I am the girl wearing the blue shirt who was with my boyfriend in the bright yellow shirt from the CHOCTAW INDIAN FAIR, in Philadelphia, Mississippi on July 10th!!. We were chosen by you to come back stage and hang out/sing with yall after the concert! I just really want you to know how much I appreciated you giving me the opportunity to meet you! I had the time of my life meeting you and the band and being able to sing with you! (I know im not a great singer, but I didnt care at the moment,.. "This Woman and This Man" is truly one of my FAVORITE songs! Being able to sing it with you was absolutely a Dream Come True!!I truly believe God makes miracles happen. Me, being here today is the biggest one of all, but being picked to meet you out of all of those people there. That is an honor and is so amazing to me! Your music and the experience I had with you has been an inspiration on my life! It really brings JOY TO MY *HEART* I believe something like that can heal a heart like mine.

Again, I want to thank you Clay Walker, for the EXPERIENCE and FOR BEING SUCH AN INSPIRATION NOT ONLY TO MY LIFE, but to MANY OTHERS! It is a blessing to have such a great person like you in COUNTRY MUSIC! GOD BLESS!!

P.S. - I have looked at your tour dates and I am unable to come to any that are nearby. (due to wedding/school/etc..) My family and I are huge fans and I TRULY HOPE yall will come back around Mississippi soon. I would love to see you again. (((If there was any way possible, I would make sure to be front row, CENTER!.)))

Take Care!
- Laura Trenor

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