MSWorld Advocacy Day Interview

It was the simple, yet elegant, description that Clay Walker evoked in reference to the New Year. His decades-long career is poised to take a new, creative twist; Mr. Walker feels wholly and deliriously inspired.


But “inspired” does not, by any means, solely describe his music. While it’s true that Mr Walker has been plucking inspiration from an array of worthy muses, one of his most salient inspirations continues to be his personal journey with multiple sclerosis. And to that end, Mr. Walker has every reason to feel inspired.


“When I was diagnosed in 1996, the doctor told me that I wouldn’t live long. I didn’t like that doctor,” he laughed.


Indeed, Mr. Walker sought to create his own path, one that radically deviated from expectation. He wanted only to live his life without interruption—MS be damned. And this could be the most inspiring segment of Mr. Walker’s story; he forged his own path and absolutely refused to allow MS to defeat him. Was it easy? Of course not. As all MS fighters know excruciatingly well, a life that is shared with MS is never an easy or predictable one. But we are not powerless.


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